Moon-Eyed People From Ancient America With Pale Skin Were Afraid Of Daylight, Why?

Among native American legends, it is believed that there were strange so-called Moon-Eyed people that had pale skin. It is claimed that they built some of the oldest infrastructures in America.

moon eyed people
“‘They’re aliens from outer space.’ People always say that,” said Wanda Stalcup, director of the Cherokee County Historical Museum

There are legends about Moon-Eyed people among the Cherokee people, which are one of the oldest civilized tribes in the US. At the time of the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century, the Cherokee had already inhabited Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia in the southeastern United States.

The very origin of the Cherokee tribe has always been a debatable topic among scholars. According to one hypothesis, the Cherokee language belongs to the Iroquois Tribes, and the Cherokee arrived in the Southern Appalachians from the northern regions, where other Iroquois tribes lived. According to another hypothesis, the Cherokee lived on their territory for thousands of years.

Cherokee people
Cherokee people from the 18th century

From the very beginning, the Cherokee had special contacts with white settlers, and they were among the five civilized tribes along with the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Shouts, and Seminoles, who at the beginning of the 19th century adopted many of the customs of white-skinned people and established fairly good relations with the neighbors.

They were also considered to be special because of their mysterious legends about the pale-skinned Moon-Eyed people who supposedly once lived in the Appalachians and were expelled by the Cherokee from their lands.

Moon-Eyed People
Moon-Eyed People were believed to be afraid of daylight that is why they came out in dark only

In 1797, the American botanist named Benjamin Smith Barton wrote in his book “New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and Nations of America” about the legends of the Cherokee people.

He also suggested that they were called moon-eyed because their eyes had not been adapted to daylight at all. But in the dark, they navigated perfectly. It was this factor that allowed the Cherokee people to effortlessly expel the Moon-Eyed people from their native lands. After they were expelled, they went to the west and disappeared.

moon-eyed people
The Fort Mountain state park is believed to have been built by the moon-eyed people

In addition, Moon-Eyed people arrived there in ancient times and built many structures of the pre-Columbian era, but now only ruins remain of them.

Many researchers believe that the largest ancient city of Cahokia is the work of Moon-Eyed people. Currently, only 109 kurgans remain from Cahokia. According to scientists, up to 40,000 inhabitants lived in Cahokia. The reason they abandoned their lands remains a mystery. Only one thing is known: they disappeared shortly before the advent of Columbus.

According to ufologists, the Moon-Eyed people were either aliens or hybrids of humans and aliens. Among the Kuna peoples who live in Panama, the legends also mention Moon-Eyed people who could not see well in the daytime.

There are skeptics linking Moon-Eyed people with the legends of the “Welsh Indians.” According to a 16th-century manuscript published by Welsh Prince, Madoc, the Welsh mingled with the local population and created Moon-Eyed people. But that doesn’t explain the fact that Moon-Eyed people were afraid of daylight.

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