Message From Lefrik Pegasusian/Lyran Hybrid

Name: Lefrik
Race: Pegasusian/Lyran
Home Planet /Star: born on and lived on ship
Dimension: 5th
Distance from Earth: approx. 200 light years
Calling: Ashtar Command Mothership Commander
Service to Earth: Liberation of Planet Earth
Earth Incarnations: None
Biographical Information:
Lefrik, Commander Lefrik is a Pegasusian/Lyran hybrid. I’m sensing the reason for this is because the Pegasusians wanted “new DNA” in their race and until earthlings were recognized for being the DNA source that we are, the “go to” race was the Lyrans, because they were most evolved spiritually so they would have the most “spiritually evolved,” hence desirable, DNA.
Lefrik has told me that both his parents lived on GFL starships and presumably that’s how they met. So he was born on a ship and knows not much else. He considers himself both Pegasusian and Lyran, has no preference.
Lefrik: I’m very aware that I have traits of both races.
Me: I’m thinking all humans are alike, but clearly that’s not the case.
Lefrik: You’re right.They’re not. They are very different, and with spanning different dimensions that makes the difference even more real
because of the group consciousnesses of each race.
Me: So is it kind of like I see some of my traits as arising from my father’s side and some from my mother’s side? That kind of thing?
Lefrik: That is a more simple way of looking at it. We see it as the entire race, not just a question of maternal or paternal DNA.
Me: So you see yourself as a representative of a race of humans.
Lefrik: Yes. And then part of the whole of humanity with all its differentiations. We understand the history of each race and see how these intertwine in one being: myself.
Me: So am I to understand that humans in the galaxy want to become homogenous?
Lefrik: No, I don’t think so. That’s not the goal. We value our differences and use them to help each other.
Me: I know they think that eventually there will be one earthling – a composite of all the DNA and all the bloodlines.
Lefrik: Then you would not be able to reproduce. Reproduction would be pointless if there is only one type of being. Typically we’ve seen in other races when there is no “new blood” the race becomes sterile.
Me: So we’re headed for sterility?
Lefrik: (laughing) Don’t worry. We’re coming to aid you!
Me: LOL Thank God for extraterrestrial suitors! Wow!
Lefrik: Creation is a process of constantly producing new beings.
Me: I’ve noticed you seem to be prolific at it out there in the galaxy, yes.
Lefrik: We know that there will always be new experience and understanding when there are differing viewpoints and we enjoy the diversity of life in the galaxy.
Me: Okay. Do you call any star your home?
Lefrik: In Pegasus my mother was from Markab (Alpha Pegasi) and my father was from the Delta Lyrae cluster.
Me: Do you ever go there?
Lefrik: To visit my relatives, yes.
Me: Are you mated and with children?
Lefrik: Yes. My spouse is from Lyra and so in that way I might relate more to being a Lyran, but not especially.
Me: You could create a new race with your children.
Lefrik: It was intended at that time, that the Pegasusians mate to strengthen our race so we intend all to just call ourselves Pegasusians.
Me: Interesting.
Lefrik: As you know earth is already heavily involved in breeding programs, both benevolent and malevolent.
Me: I know. Imagine how many hybrid earthlings are already out there in the galaxy, knowing the truth of life in this universe. I’m a bit envious.
Lefrik: Your envy is simply driving your search for the truth.
Me: It’s a negative quality so I don’t see it as being beneficial at all.
Lefrik: It is perhaps expressing a desire for higher knowledge and you’ve mislabelled it.
Me: Ah yes.Okay. Well, I’ll just press on. I enjoy these conversations. Thank you.
Lefrik: Thank you and thank you for your service.
Channelled by: Sharon Stewart

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