Alien Star Map Found In Kupang, Indonesia?



The following artifacts are quite literally amongst the most famous artifacts that you’ll ever see. They are interesting on their own but when you take into consideration the fact that they actively baffle the scientific community on a daily basis it becomes quite clear that they’re not easy to dismiss, to say the least.

First off we have this imprint of a sandal which is believed to be over half a billion years old by now. This may seem strange to the uninitiated but it’s clearly artificial in nature and it attracted a lot of attention over the years.

Second, off we have the London Hammer which is a couple of million years old. This strange artifact no longer has its handle attached to it but despite this, you can clearly see the shaft poking out of the rock.

The two spheres that were discovered here are especially important because they depict an actual perfect map of the solar system on them which is also very similar to the one that the Soviet satellite took in outer space a long time after the carvings were ever made in the first place.

Nobody knows how those artifacts can actually exist and where they fit into history according to historians. Despite this, it’s pretty clear that they do in fact exist and that studying them will uncover the true history that has been kept hidden from us over the past hundreds of years now.


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