Meet Sandra Bryan A Contactee

“Our parents were having a Valentine’s party and they invited about 4 or 5 couples. My 2 brothers and 1 other oldest sister were not there. So it was me and 3 sisters. We were sent to our rooms as the party started. When the party guests all moved to basement we got up. Giddy and laughing while we ate leftovers. The doorbell rang which stopped us immediately. We knew all guests had arrived so we knew not to open door. We went to window and looked out. There was a short figure in an oversized raincoat wearing a Bogart hat like in the movie Casablanca. He was leaning with 1 leg against a decorative fence with head down. Reminded me of the James Dean pose. It was like he was trying to look normal and human. He was trying to not show his face. I looked close and that’s when i realized and told my sisters he had no face.
That’s when we all felt a deep terror and none of us remember what happened next. The night was a blur and terror was in all of us.
We didn’t dare tell our Dad because we thought he would be upset we were up.
The next memory I had was early the next morning. My parents fell asleep in the downstairs bedroom. The sun was coming up and they finally came upstairs and back to bed. I was still in shock but relieved it was morning and they were nearby.
As i was finally drifting off to sleep the doorbell rang. I got up and so did 1 other sister. No one else seemed to hear it. When i looked out i saw him again but pressed close to door so we couldn’t see his face. I said he is back and our Australian Shepherd dog saw it this time and was going crazy. My sister took off running to other side of house. I knew what she was going to do. She let Lady out to chase this thing. Lady was very protective of us. She came running back whimpering and sister let her back in. I was mad and told her never do that again!
We went back to front door and he was gone. Lady stopped barking, I felt it in my bones he left. I opened front door and we looked outside. No one was on the street which is a dead end.
Later that day my Mom found a rain coat in closet by front door. She called all the guests and no-one claimed it. When she mentioned it in a baffled way i confessed to us being up. Told her about the strange faceless man. Its like he was saying you don’t think i was in the house but I was… “~ Sandra Bryan

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