Meet Troy Bacon A Contactee

“I remember a planet or two, in which we lived in geometrical pod homes. The building materials was not, in fact, plural materials. Our buildings, ships and tech was mostly one type of material, both biological and synthetic. This super bio-material could be ‘grown’ into what we needed; homes, buildings, integrated into ships, etc.
I remember the sensation of being inside my living, intelligent, AI bio-home. There were no wasteful emissions or negative impacts on the planet or environment. The home also knew what you needed and could interact with your consciousness.
But that’s just our homes. The Sirian Council meeting chamber was a whole other level of living material and energy technology. If you weren’t supposed to be there, it might burn you. Our electrical bombs and time freezing wands were also fun, but dangerous.
One day Earth will be saved by such technologies, just like so many other planets have been. But we have a long way to evolve as a species before we are ready for such technology.” ~ Troy Bacon

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