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Brooklyn Rosa

” In 2021 my daughter was up out of her sleep around 11 pm. Because my son was home at my sister’s house and he usually gets jealous when I give her love. I decided to just tell her to come into my room so we can spend time instead of putting her back to bed . While hanging out with her I sent the feeling that I’m no longer alone at home. My partner was doing Uber .. I start feeling the complete vibration of my home my hairs are standing up the anxiety is rising in my chest.. when all of a sudden from my peripheral I see two light blue glowing brains. Not the whole brain but something in their head was glowing blue. Of course when I turn my site to where my living room is at I cannot see it but I can sure feel that there’s something in my house. when I telepathically received the number two in my head letting me know whatever is with me is 2 . I tried to maintain my calm and continue my conversation with my daughter.. when she starts repeating two moms two dads two brothers. She is 4 at this time . I then confirm the presents that I feel with what my daughter is saying. Continue to calm down and have a Convo with her . When I telepathically speak back and ask whatever their intention. All the presents said was we admire that you are loving your daughter. ( Small background) my mother was extremely abusive so me being a good healing mom to my children is big to me.
I bring my daughter close to me and continue my business with her . While trying to remain calm cause I’m freaked out . When all of a sudden my daughter tells me “I wanna go home mom ” AND WE ARE HOME. Immediately I thought to myself that whatever I’m feeling is right so reality kicks in and I ask the presence that are there to please back up because I’m afraid. I immediately feel a relief of my anxiety. Cause I can feel the energy around me decrease . I can tell “they” listened .. I immediately tell my daughter to come lay down with me . She insists for me to lay down while she sits down in a meditative position. I put my arms in my chest and she insists for me to lay them on the side. I tell her to lay down with me because it’s already late and she refuses telling me that I need to relax and put my arms to the side. She tells me to close my eyes as well. I do what she says as any good mom would pretend to do. When I squint my eyes open I see her closing her eyes and doing movements when her hands huge resemblance of light work. Because her father has had seizures in his past life I immediately shuffled her shoulders to make sure she’s okay and ended up dismissing whatever was in my household.. she replies mad saying I ruined what she was trying to do…. That year I had so many experiences.” ~ Brooklyn Rosa

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