Meet JANUS, the Extraterrestrial being

Sir Peter Horsley, in case you didn’t remember, is one of the best pilots of all time. During his active duty, he also served as the deputy commander-in-chief of the RAF Attack Command in the United Kingdom, and he was a force to be reckoned with.

In 1954, he completed his own autobiography and published it for the world to see, as other people did at the time.

What struck me as odd was that the novel wasn’t about a guy striving for the stars; instead, it was about his encounters with UFOs and creatures from other worlds.

He titled it “Sounds from Another Space,” and it detailed the many encounters he had over the course of his career. His most popular one, though, is about a beast called Janus.

He begins by saying that he was waiting for Mrs. Markham to arrive in London for an interview when he saw someone in the corner of the room who he hadn’t seen before.

He introduced himself as “Lord Janus,” and they started conversing shortly after.

Lord Janus inquired about his knowledge of UFOs and aliens in general, and despite the fact that he initiated the dialogue, he barely responded, preferring to listen to Sir Peter.

He then advised Peter to visit the Duke of Edinburgh, claiming that he is not who he claims to be.

Lord Janus also warned him of humanity’s impending “Dark Age,” an era during which we will cease to progress and only end up losing ourselves in our inevitable search for technical supremacy.

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1 thought on “Meet JANUS, the Extraterrestrial being”

  1. There was once an encounter of an ordinary man and wife couple on their way home from family one evening in Birmingham UK that made local Central TV news in the 80’s.
    The three ” Visitors ” male, female & teenager who were all tall with pale skin and white blond hair were calm and softly spoken with glowing blue eyes claimed to be the Janus or Janos people and meant no harm – they asked ” who was the ruler of this realm and what time millennium this was ? ” Upon seeing that the couple were terrified and frozen with fear – the visitors then faded from visible to invisible leaving the couple in the middle of the road until passers by called the police.
    Because of the state of shock that this couple in their fifties was in ( the woman had wet herself & the man was mumbling incoherently ) the were taken to a local hospital and sent home later. BUT …. when statements were taken separately – they were word for word identical. Both were normal working class folks from Birmingham who seemed to be even embarrassed to be interviewed.
    I have searched for this account many times over the years to no avail but found it to be the most believable story ever.
    Anyone else heard about this ?
    Chris Brown – retired Rolls Royce Aero Engines Engineer


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