With The Right Timing You Can Talk to the ISS With Nothing But a Ham Radio

You’ve just got to time it right.

Whether you’d be so lucky depends on a number of factors, like whether the astronauts are awake at the time, and whether they’re busy doing other important space-work. That, and you just have to be in range. Not only does the ISS criss-cross the spinning globe in its orbit, its also moving insanely fast at a speed of nearly 5 miles per second. Those two factors combined make windows of communication with the ISS rare and fleeting for any particular point on Earth.

During his four-minute window, Adrian Lane managed to chat with the astronauts on the space station for a brief 50 seconds. The conversation was brief and unremarkable. According to The Telegraph, he asked what space was like and they responded that it was dark; the outer-space equivalent of talking about the weather. “I was buzzing,” Lane said. “It’s not every day you get to talk to some guy out in space.” And the fact that just about anyone with a ham radio can give it a shot is nothing short of incredible.

You can find more technical details about the process on the website for the ARISS. And if you’re going to try it out, good luck!

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Source Popular Mechanics

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