Man Recorded a Fleet of UFOs Harvesting Energy from Thunderstorm (video)

As we all know by now, UFOs tend to show themselves often times during thunderstorms. There are plenty of theories that try to explain why this is spotted so often but the general consensus is that these UFOs must have some sort of technology that allows them to harvest this energy and use it for themselves.

In this most recent discovery, it appears as though 7 UFOs are just popping up out of nowhere in order to harvest the said energy into their mothership.

You can see the UFOs for a very long time as far as encounters go, and from the pictures and the video, you can clearly see the fact that they’re not from around here.

They are rather spherical looking, but the light that emanates from them makes them pop out, to say the least. Many experts believe the fact that the light is a sign of them harvesting the thunderstorm energy as it seems to dissipate soon after they finish their harvesting.

Some experts even believe that they are attracted to electricity, which is why they came to our planet, to begin with.

We know that they circle around active volcanoes and above massive bodies of water so they are definitely here for harvesting reasons, to say the least.

This is not the first case of UFOs harvesting electricity from thunderstorms as back in 1997 in Phoenix Arizona several lights lit up the sky showcasing the fact that something was up there for some unknown reason.

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