Watch the Entire Story of the Ancient Anunnaki and Human Creation in This Awesome Cartoons Miniseries (videos)

If you’re interested in finding out more about the history of the ancient Anunnaki but you’re not willing to sit through hours of boring dialogue and deciphering you can now actually find yourself watching the following cartoons for adults which depict the story in a fun and inventive way.

That’s right, this alternative history was brought up by the Messengers of the Wind Brazilian rock band as they showcased the story from the clay tablets of the history of Sumer step by step for kids and adults of all ages.

The stories are based on the deciphering made by the legendary Zecharia Sitchin, as he was the first man to decipher the ancient Sumerian tablets.

Although the videos themselves are not in English there are subtitles so you can watch along and get immersed in the story.

It all begins with the summoning of the master scribe Endubsar, the son of Eridu city, the one to have written the ancient slabs that showcased the story of the world as we know it.

It then continues on, explaining the history of Nibiru, the twelfth planet from our solar system that is populated by the ancient Anunnaki.

Despite being essentially god-like, they are largely taken out by natural volcanic activity which destroys them one by one.

In order to fix their problems, they needed gold amongst other resources which will in turn allow them to survive to their full extent.

That is when they came to Earth, specifically around 435,000 years ago or so.

That is when they created us and thus the story moves on.

This cartoon miniseries contains 28 short videos. You can watch them all on YouTube at Messengers of the Wind | YouTube Channel

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