Katharina Wilson Writes Of Aquatic Craft Taking Her To “Navy Vessel”

Perhaps one of the lesser-known claims of alien abduction is that of Katharina Wilson. She would speak in-depth of her experiences in the book Alien Jigsaw. When writing of one encounter, she makes claims such as heading “downward at a very steep angle” towards the water. The next thing she knew, there was “water all around us”.

She was, though, protected from it, and soon realized she was in a strange glass-like tunnel or tube. What’s more, this tunnel was heading downward deep under the sea.

Perhaps even stranger, she would further claim that on another very similar occasion when the strange object she was on board finally surfaced from the water, she was transferred to a military “navy vessel”. This would, if we assume the accounts to be authentic, suggest at least some partial involvement of the military in alien abduction cases.

What you might make of Wilson’s claims is, of course, up to you.

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