Anna Jamerson Not Sure If Her Alien Abductors Took Her Under The Water

In her book Connections, Anna Jamerson would describe several apparent alien abduction encounters. And although they were not as direct as some on our list, the details she would offer are very suggestive of underwater activity.

For example, one encounter she writes of speaks of how she was in a strange craft when she noticed a huge ocean liner coming at me, bow first”. The next thing she knew it appeared the ocean liner was above her. Or more to the point, she had been taken under the surface of the water below it.

Perhaps the most startling detail, though, is when she writes of being in such a craft before entering a “long tunnel with soft sides”. What’s more, there appeared to be green light at the end of it. Were the “soft sides” actually water around the tunnel, like the glass-like tunnels described by Katharina Wilson?

These revelations were made under hypnotic regression. However, at this crucial point, the therapist conducting the session directed her away from the green light. This means that Jamerson, like the rest of us, remains ignorant of what the encounter might have actually been, or where it took place.

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