JOIN US! Star Teachers Free Global Mass Interactive Meditation Event, August 1, 2020

Hello ETLetsTalk Community!
Star Teachers Free Global Interactive Meditation ZOOM Event
Saturday, August 1, 2020 at 2 PM – 4 PM CDT (USA)
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Our ETLetsTalk member, Debz Shakti, and her partners – our Star Friends – The Star Teachers, share a positive healing message plus a loving global unification event with our community at this time of global distress and opportunity. You don’t use Facebook? All of the information you need to watch and join Debz and the Star Teachers is contained below in her message to us. If you do use Facebook please indicate whether you are ‘Going’ or ‘Interested‘ at the Facebook Detailed Information link above.
Please SHARE this event everywhere! Thank you! 🙂
About The Star Teachers Event
Debz writes:
“Please join us as the Star Teachers bring us together for another FREE global and interactive Zoom event, featuring a new message to help us understand and successfully navigate the often confusing and stressful events currently happening on our planet.
We will gather on Zoom to receive the Teachers’ always provocative and meaningful message. They will then lead us on a life-altering guided journey, initiating global/cosmic heart coherency, a state of wellness, protection, unity consciousness and oneness. We will be co-creating the vision of the new, more positive and beneficial constructs on all levels of our BEing on planet Earth, as well as our collective positive relationships with the rest of the Cosmic Neighborhood.
As always, more complex and enlightening information, DNA activations, deep healing and balancing integrations will occur for all participants during the live event and for all who listen to the recording later. The energy is always amazing and participants usually report feeling very happy, loved and relaxed during and after these sessions.
Your best experience will occur if you join from a place where you will not be disturbed. Most people like to use earbuds or headsets so outside noises don’t affect them, but they are also not necessary. Dress comfortably, and come as you are! Those who are called to join in these cosmic meditations with the Teachers are non-judgmental and see you for who you truly are – we don’t care about whether your hair is perfect or you are in your sweats!
You can choose to be on camera or not (but it is always more fun with friends from all over the world on camera!), or to just use your phone and join in with audio. This event will be recorded and shared the next day with everyone.
So please just click on the appropriate Zoom link or dial-in number in the information below to join in! Be on time, ready to relax and journey deeply with us.
Here are the sign-in details and links for the Zoom event: Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 847 5556 9265
There is no password required!
When dialing via phone you can find your local number here:
Here is a link to a time zone converter to help you calculate when the event will start in your part of the world:
Here is a link to a “Zoom Cheat Sheet” for those of you who have never used, or don’t feel at ease using Zoom yet:
Please look it over well before our event so you can have a great experience with us using this incredible conferencing platform!
With so many participants (we have gone over capacity the last few events), the noise levels are insurmountable when not taking turns unmuting. Please be courteous and wait your turn. Thanks in advance!
If you feel even a bit curious about this event, or feel a deep sense of excitement about it, you are meant to be a vital and important part, so please join us!
Remember – this event is completely FREE! Please share this announcement with everyone you know. The more who participate, the greater the amplification of the unified energy we co-create together!
I am very excited to provide my services as a vehicle for the Teachers to bring you their wisdom in this, one of many sessions with them in the coming days and weeks ahead.
We are here to support you! I hope you will join us!
Love, debzShakti

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LOL=Love and Regards, Happy Quarantine !
Thank You,
Nancy Thames : )
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