Jellyfish-Shaped UFO Recorded By Captain Kate McCue | UFO Sighting Recorded By Ship Captain

Jellyfish shaped UFO

The jellyfish-shaped UFO recorded by Captain Kate McCue is very similar to what was described and recorded by US Navy pilots.

As cruise companies begin to resume operations, the Celebrity Edge captain caused quite a stir earlier this week when a cruise-related website posted a video of what she described as a UFO flying over her ship.

Celebrity Edge Captain Kate McCue recalled the day she saw a UFO fly over her ship for a few moments and then plunge directly into the ocean.

The Captain Of A Cruise Ship Recorded A Jellyfish-Shaped UFO

“I was looking at a beautiful sunset when someone suddenly said to me, ‘Hey, what’s there?’ I looked up at the sky and saw it. It looked like a huge jellyfish, ”Kate recalled. “There was almost no wind at that time, no more than 5 knots (9 km / h), but this object was rotating around its axis and flew around our ship at a speed of about 25 km / h.”

Celebrity Edge Captain Kate McCue

 it just went over the top, and when it passed the stern of the ship, it went to a couple hundred meters, maybe three or four hundred meters, and then it began to descend into the water. But since it was getting dark, we couldn’t get a rescue boat down to see what it was, but it disappeared into the water and we had no idea … it wasn’t a drill, there was no noise associated with it.”

Celebrity Edge Captain Kate McCue

Experts assured that it is incredibly similar to the UFOs recorded by the Pentagon and that it is demonstrated, again, that it is not terrestrial technology. Captain McCue identified, recorded, and posted a video of a Falcon 50 plane making a low-speed flyby near her Celebrity Summit cruise ship.

The plane caused panic among the ship’s passengers. This shows that Captain McCue is capable of identifying any object approaching her ship, so it is strange that she was not able to recognize the strange jellyfish-shaped UFO on Celebrity Edge.

Without any duality, we find ourselves at a time when UFO sightings are no longer a taboo subject, and there are many people who dare to explain their experiences, and even publish the videos recorded by them, without fear of being radicalized. Now, what we are wondering is the reason for the recent increase in UFO sightings around the world?



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