Is The Riddle Of The UFO Experience A Covert Deception?

 1  September 2020

What are UFOs really? Are they physical artifacts piloted by beings, entities or creatures from outer space? Or is it, on the contrary, an unknown cognitive phenomenon linked to the witness’s psyche?
It is interesting to point out that, whether or not this second approach is true, which causes panic among enthusiasts of flying saucers of nuts and bolts, the simple fact that the very casuistry makes us rethink in such a way the nature of UFOs, clearly indicates that we are faced with a much more complex and diffuse paradigm than we initially intuited.How is it possible that the study of close encounters with UFOs has motivated more than 300 different hypotheses to explain their origin and purpose? What does this intellectual confusion tell us? Could an extraterrestrial civilization provoke such chaos in its manifestation before human beings and lead us to pose so many possible answers?
For example, in the same decades of intense UFO activity, there were also, in parallel, hundreds of encounters with unknown creatures and beings that we link to the ufological paradigm simply because UFOs were protagonists in the media, but these apparitions were extremely disconcerting, as much, if not more, than UFOs, and were not associated with the vision of unknown flying objects.We must be clear, so as not to get into any misunderstanding, that to defend the extraterrestrial hypothesis we must overlook most of the encounters with UFOs and their occupants. We must focus exclusively on distant sightings and radar echoes and little else. As soon as we get access to a large group of highly strange UFO incidents, our doubts go up in an alarming way. So much so that even scholars like Dr. Hynek had no choice but to admit that the UFO paradigm had little or nothing to do with extraterrestrial visitors. And he came to this conclusion in a very simple way. Hynek went deeper into the analysis of the cases. But the enthusiasts in the flying saucers defend themselves from these heterodox approaches with arguments far from what the real study of UFOs offers us. Many researchers claim that the behavior of an extraterrestrial civilization that would take thousands of years of technological evolution would be incomprehensible to human society, even to our most qualified scientists.
But what these supposed specialists forget or ignore in a premeditated way, is that the content of the UFO literature is perfectly understandable for us, without any problem, nor evolutionary bias. What happens is that the incidents don’t fit anywhere, which is something else very different. Let me explain.
Do you understand that a strange entity descends from a UFO and violently strikes a witness? That a UFO occupant tells a person that a future cataclysm is going to happen that is not fulfilled? Or that it simply asks where it has landed with its ship, or what time of day it is? Is it hard to understand that several small humanoids jump from inside a UFO to slap a young shepherd? Or that several occupants of a UFO are engaged in repair work on their ships as if they were mechanics? or dozens of occupants descend from a huge UFO to inspect a simple well in the middle of the field? Or to collect soil samples that they put into bags? do you understand all this? Does it seem inscrutable behavior to you? Complex to understand? Where is the incomprehensible part of all these cases? Where is the immeasurable behavior of an alien super-civilization glimpsed? In the slap they give to a witness? Using tools like ours to repair their ship? Pulling up plants with their bare hands? or being asked for some water?
Therefore, it has been a great covert deception, defended by many researchers, to ensure that the behavior of UFO occupants, and in general everything related to the UFO phenomenon, is unknowable to us poor mortals. That our visitors are centuries ahead of us. But in reality, the phenomenon is incomprehensible simply for a very obvious reason, because the cases are chaotic (without any kind of order), ridiculous and absurd.
Furthermore, the narratives (descriptions and content of the incidents) restart in each case offering infinite variations of what an alien visit can be, but always, and this is the most important thing from our point of view, orbiting on human concepts (exploration, damaged, engine trouble, etc). There is nothing else. No immeasurable behavior, no big unknowns without solution. There have been as many apparent disconcerting elements and actions in this equation as there have been witnesses to the manifestation of the UFO phenomenon. And the fact is that each individual who has participated in the conformation of this gigantic paradigm has been adding, in conjunction with an unknown external agent (which is the true catalyst of the experiences), a multitude of completely subjectivized and theatricalized details (as happens in dreams), and which, obviously, we cannot find repeated in other incidents.
Therefore, trying to put together all these pieces that have been individually molded by each witness into one giant puzzle is almost impossible. For each individual has interpreted and developed the concept of alien visitation in a very particular and free way, embellishing it with socio-cultural factors of their own or their closest environment.
It has been an intellectual utopia to think or suspect that UFO incidents were great questions for the human intellect. Cases are not quite understood by anyone; that is, they are stories without logic, and what they are most like (even if they are not) are delusions, dreams or hallucinations (that is to say, chaotic, fantastic stories with a certain air of absurdity). And that is why they are essentially incomprehensible from our point of view, since we want to associate them with the behavior of a phenomenon allegedly orchestrated by intelligent extraterrestrial astronauts. But nothing that we have recorded fits this premise. It’s as simple as that. Let’s stop fooling ourselves with false approaches that are not based on the matter we are studying. If we stop trying to see what they are not, we will see the true background of UFO experiences. Their essence.
Therefore, if we reconsider the second possibility that we established at the beginning of this text, it does not seem so farfetched to think that this type of manifestations are related to the human psyche and that, in some way, an undetermined external agent is interrelating with us to construct and stage some fabulous experiences that have many similarities with human processes known as dream processes (although it is something else).
Therefore, the paraphysical nature of the UFO phenomenon (i.e. the conjunction between the physical and the psychic described in an infinite number of events), could be determined by the action of the human psyche on a cognitive paradigm, induced by an external agent, which occurs outside the margins of our daily reality, and builds a new supernatural reality before our eyes based, above all, on socio-cultural aspects. But ultimately, apart from their unquestionable reality (although with nuances) these experiences are being forged on a new space/time/cognitive framework where the presence and interaction of the witness is fundamental to interpret or decode the final result.

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