Intelligent Extraterrestrial Nuclear life forms can be found inside the stars

January 12, 2021

The quest for extraterrestrial intelligence persists and there is also no lack of strange yet fascinating hypotheses. This period, scientists are suggesting a different theory, namely that extraterrestrial existence can develop inside the stars. New study by physicists Luis Anchordoqui and Eugene Chudnovski at New York University indicates the prospect of a so-called “nuclear life.” The two of them write in their paper: “The present view of biological existence assures us that it is developing under suitable circumstances, at low temperatures of atoms and molecules on the surface of the earth. It is believed that every possible extraterrestrial existence on Earth would imitate life regulated by the biochemistry of nucleic acids, proteins and sugars. Going against this dogma, we argue that it is an evolved mode of existence that may occur in the stars, like our Sun.” Current research suggests that extraterrestrial existence needs carbon-based species that live in a water-based world with higher types that can metabolize oxygen. Both types of life on Earth have the same essential biochemistry. Biological compounds, though, are not thermodynamically stable. Existence should be thought of as a complex hypercycle (DNA encoding proteins, proteins supporting DNA self-replication, DNA encoding proteins, etc.) that can live forever as long as free energy is accessible and as long as self-replication is quicker than the death of information carriers. The mutations in the knowledge chain provide natural selection and adaptation for more complicated animals, the researchers demonstrate. The two scientists’ hypothesis indicates that hypothetic particles form together to construct “cosmic necklaces” that may prove to be a constituent feature of nuclear existence within the stars. Cosmic necklaces may be stellar, nuclear DNA and RNA counterparts that shape the foundation of organic existence here on Earth. Humans have not yet detected these interstellar chains, but the new study claims that they can form into one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional configurations, largely in the same manner that atoms bind to form organic molecules by chemical bonds. These cosmicly complicated systems will live long enough in the intense nuclear furnace in the core of the star to reproduce, absorb the energy of fusion, and thereby potentially will the strength of the star. This contentious hypothesis is intriguing, particularly when scientists assume that these self-replicating nuclear extraterrestrial organisms could evolve knowledge beyond our own. “Because they would evolve very quickly, they could find a way to explore the cosmos beyond their star, as we did,” Chudnovsky said. “They could travel between the stars. Maybe we should look for their presence in space. “
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