Humans Were Not The First Dwellers of Earth and NOT the last

Historians and scientists alike will argue until the very last conversation is held supporting this claim but we need to realize the fact that there is no doubt about it, we were never the first to inhabit this planet nor will we be the last either.

The most ancient civilizations ever discussed over in ancient manuscripts are the following: Lemuria, Hyperborea, and Atlantis.

You definitely heard of them before, and despite the fact that they are known on a global level and even acknowledged by some of the smartest people to ever live, historians still choose to ignore the facts to support their own agenda.

If you ever find yourself in an argument with someone regarding the validity of these ancient civilizations that lived before us then just show them the remnants of the oldest civilization known to man at the time being, which is well over 3 billion years old by now.

We know virtually nothing of them except the fact that they lived in what is now South Africa. We know that they did exist however thanks to a bunch of weirdly shaped objects which were found near a rock close to Klerksdorp.

Some were spherical, some were cubical, some were heavier than we’d expect while some were hollowed out. All that we know is that they were artificially made and that the white inscriptions on them are more valuable than any amount of money in this world.

Besides these, we have similar artifacts that were discovered in Dorchester County, Massachusetts back in the 19th Century that share the same inscriptions on each object.

We have strange footprints that prove the existence of shoes all the way back to 500 million years ago and we even have a small product that was made out of crystalline moissanite grains that is supposedly over 300 million years old by now.

The latter was discovered in the Partisan region of Primorye and it has yet to be explained by historians all around.




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1 thought on “Humans Were Not The First Dwellers of Earth and NOT the last”

  1. Hello! In order to answer this question of humans not being the first on Earth one has to read the book:”Intelligent Design:Message from the Designers!”It describes in detail how Elohim scientists came to Earth in the distant past to create life and human life in their image.How they terraformed Earth to meet the right conditions for simple life and more complex life.The bible distorts this story in a huge way.By adding the supernatural,mysticism,miracles and a theory of a imaginary god along with the soul and a so called afterlife.All these things are a result of ancient humans not understanding advanced science and technology.However we are mature enough to accept more sane and logical explanations do to our own advances in science and technology.In time the prophet Rael’s revelations will not be laughed at as they were in the beginning from his first meeting with the Elohim to spreading his messages among humanity lastly and just for the record Rael’s arrival at the Eternal life planet has proven the idea of a afterlife to be wrong in a spiritual sense but that the environment on the Eternal life planet can easily be mistaken for a after death afterlife.If you accept life on other worlds and you pretty much have a logical understanding of human cloning technology you can easily come to realize what life is about or the extension of mortal life thanks to this technology.


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