11 lost ancient cities

These 4,000-year-old Assyrian tablets helped to discover 11 lost ancient cities

Archaeologists from Stanford and Harvard universities discovered 11 long-forgotten villages. Do you have any idea how this happened? By Assyrian merchants who fashioned 4,000-year-old clay tablets.

So, if you like ancient secrets, this is the spot for you. The information in the following paragraphs will interest you and make you want to learn more.

Tablets: some facts

The tablets were found in an excavation at the Kültepe archaeological site in Kanesh, Turkey, together with its 12,000 texts. They depict the trading stations of Assyria, a kingdom in the Middle East.

Archaeologists were astonished to discover that more towns were referenced in the texts than had previously been recorded.

What information was revealed by the tablets?

Strange locations were revealed by nothing more than a thorough translation of these old clay inscriptions. But this wasn’t just any location; it was a collection of 11 historic towns.

And this find is interesting since these cities’ records had been lost for a long time. After years, if not centuries, of being lost in antiquity, 11 cities were thankfully found.

According to mythology, they were inscribed in an ancient cuneiform script by ancient Sumerians. Among the documents were business transactions, finances, stamps, contracts, and even marriage certificates.

This was a single event that determined the whole chain of knowledge we have about that time period so far.

In all of history’s compression, there’s a twist.

Everything we know about the ancient Assyrian empire may change as a result of these surprising discoveries. The detectives began putting the jigsaw pieces together after reviewing all of the data they had gathered.

It was challenging yet fascinating, like piecing together a puzzle. The records lead to previously discovered distances between Mesopotamian towns. They were also connected to others who had yet to be found.

There’s been some new information that’s come to light.

Surprisingly, these old tablets revealed a lot more than the previously mentioned information. Kanesh, for example, was formerly a small commercial town, which was recently found.

They also take us on a trip back in time. They continue by claiming that the location where they met “had a flourishing market economy.”

What would happen after deciphering everything?

Gojko Barjamovic, a renowned professor of Astrobiology at Harvard University, made a comment. They came to these findings after examining the almost 12,000 clay plates found at Kanesh. According to him, the information might be utilized to create a map of Mesopotamia’s cities.

Archaeologists had no option but to start digging in the specified locations now that they had all of this information. In order to learn more about this civilization and expand on what we currently know.

What were they going to do with all of that information?

Using the data found, it was possible to identify at least 26 ancient cities, 15 of which had previously been documented.

Based on the premise that there was more commerce between nearby towns than between distant ones, the archaeologists found many economic links between 26 sites. The 15 recognized cities are Hanaknak, Hattus, Hurama, Kanes, Karahna, Malitta, Qattara, Salatuwar, Samuha, Tapaggas, Timelkiya, Ulama, Unipsum, Wahsusana, and Zimishuna. The 11 cities that have disappeared are Durhumit, Hahhum, Kuburnat, Mamma, Ninassa, Purushaddum, Sinahuttum, Suppiluliya, Tuhpiya, Washaniya, and Zal.

The research, however, has run across a major stumbling block: the tablets do not have exact positions. As a consequence, pinpointing the exact location of these historic cities will take some time.

There is a light for the investigation

Despite the fact that it is not safe, the archaeologists describe a commercial method that aided them in their research. As a consequence, they believe they know where the bulk of the vanished cities are located.

The so-called “structural gravity model” was also based on this old data. A preconception like this may give you a good idea of where the lost cities could be.

The following actions are to be taken.

Now that they have all of this wonderful data and findings, and the “puzzle” is almost complete, they must take the next step. Continue to conduct all necessary expeditions and excavations until all of the vanished villages have been found.

They’ll be able to study them after they’ve discovered them and give us more interesting information that we don’t have now.




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