GRANT CAMERON First Contact, Breaking the Veil V2

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4 thoughts on “GRANT CAMERON First Contact, Breaking the Veil V2”

  1. The other day, as I was watching a show on Hulu about exposing alien/UFO evidences from the government. I believe in God, I have never believed in aliens. I was trying to numb myself with mindless TV. But they showed a video of 3 orange orbs in the sky and I remembered years ago, I was getting out of work about midnight, that’s exactly what I saw. I tried to take pics with my cell but they just looked like stars. I tried video but it was the same and while trying to change settings, the orange orbs were just gone. I searched the news for weeks and there was. NO mention of it. I didn’t know what to make of it. Even after seeing them in your video, I still don’t. I just know that’s what I saw, in your video and the video from that documentary.

  2. The screens with text/numbers are blurred out, is there a reason for that? I know I am here for a reason, why? no clue, but I want to communicate with them. I know I will get answers. Also, has anyone decoded the return signals and if so what was said? Thank you! I just found this site.

  3. Dimitrie Levit photo of the Anunnaki man with headdress, when I meditate and Kundalini is present, my right hand/arm is tossed into that position. My face is turned to the right by her as well. I know there is a reason and seeing that photo, ah, Anunnaki, I must be?
    Shortly after I awakened I put a caduceus tattoo on my left forearm. The double helix DNA – symbolism – caduceus, looks mirrored to my description above.
    I should post it on my IG for you or anyone to possibly comment thoughts. When I 3rd eye, I always seem to be moving backwards, everyone’s’ DMT videos are as if one is moving forward. Not once have I moved forwards. Oh, there is more. But this is all for now.

    Kundalini Diva


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