Giant Alien Spaceship Crossing The Sun (Live Footage)

Giant Alien Spaceship
Giant Alien Spaceship

New live footage captured by sky-watcher BruceSeesAll yesterday, shows a giant alien spaceship approaching the sun from the left, then crosses the sun to disappear into deep space only to deepens the mystery of the current UFO activity near the sun.

Besides the giant UFO, Bruces captured also what he believes is a second moon which he shows us in the second part of the video.

Did he really captured a second moon? Indeed a second moon exist.

The discovery was made on February 15 by US astronomers Theodore Pruyne and Kacper Wierzchos, using the telescope at Mount Lemmon Observatory. Follow-up observations allowed astronomers to trace its orbit, and calculated that this space rock, designed as 2020 CD3 has been orbiting Earth for about three years.

Very interesting Video  amazing things are up on there in Space. Aliens Circling around going about their business as we do here on Earth , but this Global Coronavirus Pandemic has slowed our pace up a lot Follow CDC guidelines and enjoy your families. Stay Healthy!

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