Gary Versus the Grays



It is unknown how many people have been taken onboard UFOs, but it may be a lot. The problem is, many of these events are shrouded in missing time and amnesia. However, this is not always the case. Some people have fully conscious encounters. One of these people is a gentleman from England by the name of Gary. Ever since he was a young boy, Gary began having dramatic UFO sightings and face-to-face encounters with gray aliens. It wasn’t long before he was taken onboard their craft and subjected to a wide variety of bizarre experiences. While many people recall only being physically examined, Gary recalls many other incredible experiences, many of which have rarely been reported in the UFO literature, and some which might be totally unique. Few people have the extensive recall of their experiences like Gary. His case contains both harrowing events and encounters that are incredibly humorous. It is one of the most unusual cases on record. If you would like to learn more about Gary’s experiences, and other people who have had onboard UFO encounters, please check out my book, “Onboard UFO Encounters.” Now available!

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