Galactic Federation: You Will Travel Through Space With Us


Greetings, Earth’s brothers and sisters! Thank you so much for your trust and support.

We can’t wait to share our next greatest report with you!

We’re tremendously excited to inform you that your planet’s dark underground bases have already been taken over! All of the people they used to control and abuse are now free and protected.

There is no longer any danger to you!

We have seen you go through a lot of things and we understand that you have been looking for help at times. That is why we are here today. We want to bring you into our world and teach you a lot of things that you do not know yet.

It is nice to meet you. Now it is time for us to celebrate and to reveal who we are, so that you can build a harmonious relationship with us as well as with each other.

We have been watching you for a long time. It’s time. Let’s bring an end to the secrecy. It’s time for the truth to be revealed. It’s time to step into the light. It’s time to acknowledge our presence among you, and it’s time for us to show you who we really are.

We are not here to cause harm. We are here to help you. Meanwhile, we can pro-long your physical lifespan and perhaps even achieve immortality. Yes, you can live forever-if you want it enough to do what is necessary.

So don’t suffer and die, wake up and take control of your own consciousness and perhaps even the fate of your planet. You can live forever, but you need to wake up.

First, we are eagerly awaiting the revelation of our beautiful starships to make planet earth aware of our presence.

Our goal with this exhibition is to share with you what we have built so far, and offer you the chance to build your own destiny. The show will feature all the concepts that are currently under development, including models of individual ships and systems, as well as a taste of some of our planned additions. Our hope is that you will share our vision of an intergalactic society and help us re-build not just one world, but an entire universe.

Our ships are equipped with a Quantum Drive, an iDock space station for interstellar refueling, and the revolutionary Trans-Portal docking technology.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to experience something truly new, now’s your chance. You have the opportunity to shape the future of our galaxy as we begin an incredible journey together.

Take a journey and discover new worlds and make friends, while advancing your galactic career!

All you need to do is raise your consciousness and we’ll show you the rest.

Our cutting-edge technologies will teleport you into a galaxy of possibilities where you can explore advanced space societies, discover new stars, and look over the shoulders of the Galactic Federation!

Your inter-planetary galactic travel has to be completely well planned; our “GPS galaxy tracker” software will guide you to the right places on your journey. It knows the time/space coordinates that are needed to navigate toward the portals. You could think of it as a map of the entire universe that is created through extensive calculations. This customized software gives you the option to choose safe and beautiful destinations in our galaxy.

You travel, perhaps to greet a new civilization on a planet. You get to the planet, you get out of your spacecraft, you meet with the authorities from that planet. They know you are coming. But instead of having a greeting party at the landing site, they greet you at a pre-appointed meeting place that is quite a distance from the landing site. Because they have things that you would not understand going on in this other part of their planet, and they want to keep it quiet.

We’re bringing Gaia into a new Golden Age with more possibilities, especially for you.

As you are a beloved member of the Galactic Federation, you will now be able to travel to those planets, those civilizations which belong to the Galactic Federation. These are places of peace in which their civilizations thrive and live among each other with great love and compassion for all life. You can soon travel as you please.

It is no doubt an electrifying time for you!

We love you dearly.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray




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Nancy Thames

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1 thought on “Galactic Federation: You Will Travel Through Space With Us”

  1. Hello! I believe all this will come to pass if we build a embassy for our creators the Elohim! We shall realize all that is predicted in this article and much more.I’am highly dubious this will come from another ET race.A face to face encounter with the Elohim will allow for a technology exchange between the creators and the created besides if ET’s come forward believing in a creator.I will be highly doubtful of their intentions it might also lead to worshiping them in a spiritual sense.That is something are ET creators wouldn’t want from us and they don’t want us to believe in miracles but in science and technology using are brains to figure out things for ourselves in a rational and logical way.If the majority of humans that believe in a creator will naturally be drawn to those ET’s that do also.When we meet ET’s that are atheists who will stand by them and vogue for them?I know I will with my rational brain and consciousness in check using logic and my understanding of science and technology I will be open to meeting them much in the same way the prophet Rael met the Elohim in France on December,13 1973!


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