Why the concept LOVE ALL, FORGIVE ALL just doesn’t work and is a dangerous false light trap


I do not wish to scare you. I am here to inform you so that you can make better use of your free will and understand one of the huge stepping stones on your path to ascension.
You need to develop your ability of discernment. It is crucial in these drastically changing times on earth.
You are living on a planet where Satan is worshipped. Those who have ruled over you, those who have created the capitalistic system of modern-day slavery for you and those who have entertained you to distract you from it all, they all worship Satan.
They perform dark acts of the occult faith that are far more evil than what you can imagine.
These evil creatures have been in power on planet earth since the beginning… This has given them plenty of time to infiltrate all and everything.
The human race was created with DNA from different species. One being the Pleiadians. This is one of the reasons they are so eager to assist us on our journey to regaining our sovereignty. But other parts of our DNA are Reptilian.
Not all who walk in human bodies are of the light. Not all who walk in human bodies are human. A large number of people around the planet not only pretend they are of light but they are convinced themselves that they are…
They will tell you all is love and light and let’s be happy and let’s ignore the whole world and ascend into 5D. Some of them tell you every week the liberation of Gaia is happening now.
Why is this dangerous?
The false light is a corruption by the dark forces. Like those entertainers who distract you and then go home to consume the blood of children. Only that these people do not consume blood but often they are addicts of other substances.
Learn to use your discernment.
There’s a multitude of different species incarnated in human bodies. Not all of them have souls. There are countless reptilians incarnated in human bodies and they have sent an army of demonic forces to incarnate, possess, and attach themselves to people’s energetic fields.
What happens if you send love, light, and forgiveness to a reptilian or demonic creature? It’s a trap in which you are caught and infiltrated!
Those who scream the loudest…
The teaching that tells you to love everyone is not going to work on your planet. YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF. YOU MUST FORGIVE YOURSELF. Then you extend that love and forgiveness to those who have wronged you in a neutral way. What does that mean? It means learn to let it go.
This means that you do not try to force love them from soul to soul because you were told on your spiritual journey that you’re all created as equally beautiful angelic souls who have forgotten their purity.
SOME ARE DEMONIC. In fact, too many are.
If you have the need to heal set out the intention for it. Call on your guardian angels and tell them to send you the perfect healer for your issue and they will be placed in your field.
Loving YOURSELF is the highest attainment.
I love you.
We are the family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Member | Emissary of The Goddess




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