Eye Doctors from Outer Space

Jan 23, 2021


Physiological effects as the result of a UFO encounter are very rare, and yet they do happen. Following a close-up UFO encounter, people sometimes experience dry or sore eyes, eye irritation, burns or inflammation, after-images on the retina or light sensitivity. Less common, but equally consistent, are cases of physiological improvements. Among the most common of both are accounts involving the eyes. This video presents twenty firsthand cases of people who have experienced ocular improvements in association with a UFO encounter. Imagine being color blind, and then you have a strange visitation and are able to see colors for the first time. Imagine being diagnosed with glaucoma, and then finding help greeting you from beyond the stars. What if you lost your vision, and afterward, someone unique and unexpected arrived in your time of need? Or what if you were visited by ETs, and now suddenly you start having psychic visions? Could the UFO occupants be here to help us? Sometimes the answer might be, yes! The evidence shows that something profound is happening here. If you’d like to explore more, these cases and many others are detailed in the book… “The Healing Power of UFOs.”

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