Odd Alien Creature I encountered in an Alien city

12/23/2019 I found this picture of an odd creature posted on Facebook. It looks very similar to an odd creature I encountered in an Alien city during one of my experiences. The person that posted it on Facebook called it an Archons, which is a demonic type of creature that takes souls. However, my interpretation …

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Is the Moon A Space Station?


Each night the moon makes its amazing appearance. Without this luminous sphere, our planet would be a vastly different place. It is responsible for the ocean’s tides, seasons, temperatures and Earth’s very rotation. Both humans and animals are affected by the lunar presence. Scientists have theories about the planetary object’s origins yet all remain mere …

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Lesson in learning how to breathe in Aquatic Places

I awoke in a gel or jelly-like substance surrounding me and the Grey’s said “Don’t be alarmed, we are teaching you how you can breathe under great depths of water, Oceans, Seas or deep Lakes. Calm yourself and breath normally we have a monitor on you to see what you can handle and if you …

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Are you Real or am I Dreaming?

Nancy trying to touch the Grey Being During my mid-to-late twenties, I started probing for answers during my experiences and wanted some verification and validation of the events I was experiencing. During one such experience back then, I woke up in a spaceship and was dressed in a camouflage suit. While looking around I saw …

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Q The Plan to save the World

Since Q’s “breadcrumbs” are so vague, it’s impossible to nail down exactly what the storyline is supposed to be. But the general story, outlined in the video below endorsed by Schilling, is that every president before Trump was a “criminal president” in league with all the nefarious groups of conspiracy theories past: the global banking …

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Reaching Out To All Contactees and Experiencers

Farzad Ghaffari

“The most important thing … is not to deny someone’s experiences, but to let them talk it through.“ ”The experiences tend to continue because people welcome them or are at least open to them due to their experience.“ This is where I fit in. Keep in mind that for many it has been a life-changing …

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