Lost in the Mist

Let me start out by saying that, I have over the years heard from supposed intelligent people that, UFO’s don’t exist, there are no intelligent beings anywhere else in the universe except here on Earth, and that people who have seen UFOs are delusional crackpots. These geniuses should go out more often and try reading, books, and magazines; and maybe watch some episodes of Ancient Aliens! Also, if these very same individuals believe that ‘we’ Earthlings are the pinnacle of creation, the Universe is in deep Doodoo!

In 1954, when I was just 12 years old, I saw a landed UFO, in France. Years later, I had the occasion to see, on more than one occasion, unidentifiable objects flying around in the skies above the San Francisco Bay Area, that the radio would report as UFOs, the following day. I for one also do not believe for a minute that we are the most intelligent humanoid beings in the universe, with literally billions and billions of not only stars, but galaxies, with the possibility of millions and millions of habitable planets. As far as UFOs not existing, let me give you instances of those things flying around for thousands of years. Let me just stay in the past century and on into the 21st century.

During World War II, for those of you who have not studied history, those were roughly the years between about 1938 and 1945. During those years, our military, as well as our adversaries, observed more than 10,000 UFOs: back then known as Foo Fighters, all across the globe. Unfortunately, the higher ups running our military and government, instead of openly reporting on them, tried to quash the sightings and called the observers, unstable, incompetent, and delusional, or had bad eyesight. Whether our Government and our Military liked it or not, these sightings persisted through the Korean War, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and the Middle East conflicts. As a matter of fact, they persist up to present days.

Here is a good one for you. I found it in an excellent book, the title of which, I will give you at the end of my article. Gordon Cooper, yes, the famous astronaut, was stationed at Edwards Airforce base, in Southern California, way back in 1957, as a crew was filming some precision landing devices and how well they performed. All of a sudden, a UFO landed about 150 feet from where they were filming. The two cameramen immediately ran into the commandant’s (Cooper’s) office to report the apparition. The two cameramen reported what had just happened as well as telling Cooper that they had recorded the whole incident on movie film as well as photographs. Cooper got to see stills and film of the whole event. He was ordered to ship the material to DC, without delay and to not allow any copies to be made and left behind. Interestingly enough, he had expected to be debriefed, but was never interviewed about the incident. The higher-ups never called him!

Strangely enough, this was not the first time that photographic evidence had been obtained and basically hidden from the public. There were a number of instances, where jetfighter pilots were shown photographs of UFOs by unknown civilians and asked, “Is this what you saw and chased?” But they were never given a definitive answer as to where the questioner had gotten a hold of those very clear photographs. So, think about it. Where did these secret government operatives get a hold of clear, high resolution images of various types of UFOs, if they, as they claimed, had no idea what these pilots were talking about?

Here’s another interesting factoid: During various Apollo Lunar landings, video feed to the public was interrupted while one of the astronauts wanted to report something out of the ordinary on a secondary channel, used for medical or other more secretive communications, saying something to the effect of, “They’re here and are watching us from behind that hill!” Amateur radio operators with rather sophisticated VHF receivers, were able to intercept these mysterious messages. Unfortunately, although NASA is a civilian agency, paid for by taxpayers (us), those in charge have done their best to suppress and deny any information dealing with UFOs and Extraterrestrials and usually feed us a lot of baloney. Here is one incident even NASA cannot deny, although they have not explained it either. While flying around the moon in the Gemini-IV Command module, Major James McDivitt got some excellent video footage of a UFO that he reported, had been following his module 4 times around the moon. The images show a flying extraterrestrial space vehicle. McDivitt said that, it wasn’t one of ours.

And speaking of Apollo missions and the Moon, did you know that it may actually be hollow, the Moon that is? So, here is one of my many theories, regarding the moon. Either, certain members of our government know more than some of the others, or, there are operatives in our government (USA) who know more than they admit and are part of a Shadow or Breakaway entity, let us call it MIST (Military-Industrial-Scientific-Technologic) complex, that is in cahoots with whatever Extraterrestrial entities are operating these super Hi-Tech unidentifiable space vehicles. The answer may NOT be a simple one. Are there Extraterrestrials flying all those UFOs everyone is talking about? The answer is YES and maybe NO!

Let’s start out with, what is this MIST, and what does it really know? Some people believe that technological advances are sometimes orchestrated in the shadows, by say, Breakaway Civilizations or perhaps a super secretive organization (MIST) in which only certain, selected high-ranking members of the government and some specially selected members of the military, are members. Some sectors even believe that such advances are brought to us by Space Aliens or Extraterrestrials.

There are many people who believe that planet Earth is hollow on the inside and is inhabited by super intelligent beings who may look just like us but, they are much smarter and far more advanced than us, and except for occasionally slipping us keys to advanced technology, they really do not have any desire to comingle with us. Which is why they choose to live in the bowels of our planet, where they have created a super-civilization and, they have not invited us in. If you think that this theory is way out there, let me give you a few more.

There are some serious Ancient Aliens Theorists who believe that there are some Extraterrestrials, nay, a whole settlement of these space travelers who live right here, almost right under our noses; well actually, right under Antarctica’s thick ice sheet. Most of Antarctica’s surface has been covered by a thick layer of ice for thousands of years. This ice measures between two and three miles in thickness and covers an area of 5,400,000 sq. miles or 14 million sq. km., which is about 1.3 times as large as Europe. Some folks claim that there are humongous ice caverns, with mild 70+ degrees temperature that could support normal plant life, right underneath this sheet of ice. Ergo, it would also be able to support human life, without the need for cold-weather gear, making their existence reasonably pleasant. The reason for this temperature differential between the surface of Antarctica and the interior of these caverns is that there are over 90 volcanoes in that frozen vastness, many of them active.

There are some who also claim that at least one of these ice caverns under the ice is large enough to possibly be able to contain a settlement the size of Manhattan Island. Can you believe it? There are of course other, smaller caverns. The point is, some believe that Extraterrestrials may have built whole cities, millennia ago and may actually still occupy them, there under the ice, keeping them invisible to the rest of the world. From there, they undertake sorties of our planet for purposes of helping, annoying or simply observing. Now, where would people get such ideas, you might ask.

There are a number of research camps from various nations, mostly around the edges of Antarctica and as crews fly in and out and around from these camps at various times, they have encountered on multiple occasions UFOs, mostly of the saucer variety. Flights of five to six saucers have been observed in various flying formations, zooming around at great speeds, and eventually disappearing. To the best of my knowledge, their base of operation, or futuristic city, has yet to be located. However, as our own government has not come clean about Unidentified Flying Vehicles, they may in fact be colluding with our extraterrestrials guests. Maybe, just maybe, one of these days, we will find out what they are all up to.

One possibility for the instantaneous appearances and disappearances of UFOs since time immemorial is this idea that I (and many others) have about parallel universes or a multi-verse, where multiple (many or just a couple) universes share the same physical space while existing at different vibrations, therefore not running into each other. These various universes, or strands of a multiverse, are separated by an almost super thin skin or veil, and whoever/whatever controls the UFOs has figured out how to move in and out though this thin fabric. During WWII, there were over 10,000 UFO sightings by the military all over the world. Many were reported, officially, although eventually, military personnel opted to not mention the sightings for fear of ridicule, and for pilots, possible grounding. Yet, the sightings persisted through WWII, the Korean war, the Cold war, the Middle East conflicts, all the way to present time. So, why was it that it took to 2019, for the US Military to finally release some radar screen shots and admit that indeed, they were dealing with unidentified aerial anomalies?

Yet, those are the only Official photographic evidence that the government has released for us to see. There has to be a secret stash or archive, of literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of photographs and movie footage of unidentified flying things, somewhere in the dark cellars of the Pentagon or at Wright-Pat (Patterson) Airforce Base. Gordon Cooper for one, saw the photos and movie footage taken at Edwards Airforce Base in 1957, in Southern California, before all of it was shipped off to the Pentagon. And he was never asked a single question about them. Interesting, don’t you think? So, why all the secrecy? They either know everything and are lying, or they know nothing, which I don’t believe!

There are some, who believe that this Shadow or Breakaway entity, that I call MIST (Military-Industrial-Scientific-Technologic) complex, may actually be in cahoots with whatever Extraterrestrial entities are operating these super Hi-Tech unidentifiable space vehicles. MIST, or whatever name they operate under, have been around since the beginning of time, some believe, and that membership into this organization is very selective and secretive. Whoever is allowed to join is considered an ‘initiate’ meaning that they are considered a novice, in a rather secret or secretive society, which by all available evidence, has been operating for a very long time. It appears that they may have been operating since time immemorial. It is also very possible that, if you intentionally or even accidentally reveal any secrets of the operations of MIST (or whatever they call themselves) you may be terminated.

I will give you a couple of examples of possible terminations of ‘initiates’. This first one comes from the website: criminal element. In the conspiracy world, the death of James Forrestal is prima facie evidence of a cover-up of…. well, something. What that something is, is generally up for debate. But was his fall from the 16th floor of Bethesda Medical Center truly the suicide of a trouble man, or the murder of a man who knew too much?

The James Forrestal story is very troubling in that he was aware among many things, of the real story behind UFOs and wanted to go public with what he knew. There were other controversial issues in his portfolio which may have contributed to his demise. But after careful examination, the suicide scenario does not agree with the evidence. For example, why did he have his bathrobe belt around his neck? Why did he choose to jump out of the bathroom window, which was quite a bit smaller than the big window of his room, if he was indeed committing suicide? Other questions linger as well. Perhaps, as an initiate in the organization running the UFO cover-up, he broke their rule by going public with the information. We may never know.

Another example goes a bit further back in time: The case of Piri Reis. He was an Ottoman Admiral and cartographer who had compiled a map of the world which showed the outlines of the western cost of Europe, North Africa, the coast of Brazil as well as the outline of Antarctica, without ice, showing rivers and mountain ranges. Unfortunately, only a third of the map still exists. The story goes that Piri Reis was an ‘initiate’ and Sultan Suleiman was a member of ‘the’ secret organization of his time. For making copies of a map that shows earth, as it might have looked some 10-15 thousand years ago, initiate Piri Reis might have broken the rules of the secret society of which Suleiman (translated: Salomon) was the head, he ordered Piri Reis be beheaded. The year was 1553.

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