Extraterrestrial Sightings Are Now Serious Business!

UFO sightings are now serious business!
The subject of UFOs is finally getting serious treatment from mainstream media and American Congress. For the first time in decades, the US government has finally publicly acknowledged the existence of UFOs by releasing a much-anticipated official “preliminary assessment” now available for people all over the world to read. In this report, and much to the chagrin of UFO enthusiasts, the Pentagon officials concluded that the UPAs observed (short for ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’) revealed no evidence of extraterrestrial origin. It remains to be seen, however, whether additional recorded UFO sightings will ever be enough to convince the Pentagon to admit to the contrary. Until then, for those who were hoping the report would shed earth-shattering light on the origin of these unidentified flying objects and who will, sadly, never have access to classified UFO data, this conclusion will have to do however unsatisfactory it is.While the Pentagon officials continue to scratch their heads on the origin of these flying crafts, the report does confirm that the UFO sightings were not observations of secret U.S. military technology, but they did not rule out the possibility that such advanced technology might be attributed to one or more foreign adversaries—a certainly more boring conclusion than the possibility of a presence from beyond our solar system!
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It’s clear that the Pentagon’s partial yet unprecedented declassification of the UFO files was not only the consequence of years of reporting and public pressure, but also of the UFO sightings phenomenon itself percolating in our collective consciousness over decades. And it’s now time for the population to demand more answers and request that all UFO files be declassified and examined with more transparency. Otherwise, how much longer will it take for the government to publicly acknowledge that these sightings are indeed not-of-this-Earth and that they do not represent a threat to humanity?

For decades now, the International Raelian Movement (IRM) (1), the promoter of the Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project, knew the day would come when UFO sightings would no longer be confined to the fringe and move into the mainstream. And even if, to this day, officials and scientists aren’tacknowledging that these are extraterrestrials coming from a distant planet to visit us, the IRM will continue its relentless efforts to pressure the United Nations to put some skin in the game and support the creation of a diplomatic protocol for an Embassy for Extraterrestrials.

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Indeed, the time has come for the U.N. to discuss a protocol to welcome this extraterrestrial civilization visiting us and to decide where they could officially and safely land in order for dialogues with our political leaders to take place without the risk of any inappropriate and illegal military interventions. And an Embassy with internationally recognized extraterritorial immunity would be the best residence to host and initiate these talks.

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(1) It is essential to note that even though the Embassy will be built by the International Raelian movement (IRM), a philosophical organization, the fact remains that this project is presented to you exclusively as a touristic, economic and diplomatic project. Also, note that all the costs associated with the construction of the Embassy, including the scoping and feasibility studies, will be the IRM’s responsibility.




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Source: New York Times

Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project

Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project

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