Top Five FAQ: The Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project

Embassy for Extraterrestrial Project


  1. Why do Extraterrestrials need an Embassy with extraterritoriality?

They need an embassy to officially and peacefully meet with mankind. We plan to build an embassy that will be neither a princely palace nor a cathedral, but rather a beautiful building carefully designed to receive interstellar visitors and with the diplomatic immunity that even the smallest state has for its embassies.

2. How can you be sure Extraterrestrials will land if you build an Embassy?

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Having the Embassy project come to completion will be a huge step forward for humanity because it means a country will have granted us permission to build it on their turf, this Embassy will have extraterritorial immunity and international recognition, and we will have reached a point of no return in terms of our collective willingness to make this world a better place for all and meet with our parents from space. Right now, though, the planet is a huge mess, a war zone, and the landscape is certainly not conducive of an official meeting with an extraterrestrial civilization. Would you invite guests over for dinner in the middle of a family dispute? Probably not. What’s becoming increasingly clear is that there is an extraterrestrial civilization visiting us and trying to get our attention by giving us signals (UFO sightings and Crop Circles). Could these signals indicate a strong desire to meet with us and are they telling us to prepare Humanity for an official contact?

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We know that most world’s religious texts anticipate the return of their respective prophet to Earth. And according to the International Raelian Movement (IRM) (1), these prophets were sent to Earth by an extraterrestrial civilization to guide humanity and help us evolve while leaving traces of their existence. And there is a lot of evidence supporting an Extraterrestrial presence throughout our history (please refer to our booklet).

3. How do you know the extraterrestrials are peaceful?

There is natural selection at the cosmic level for civilizations that can leave their planet. Only those who perfectly control their aggressiveness can reach this stage. Others self-destruct as soon as their scientific and technological advancements allow them to build weapons powerful enough to do so. That is why we should never fear those who come from another planet to contact us. People capable of escaping their planetary system are always peaceful because when a civilization can leave its own solar system, it means that it has overcome the “progress-destruction cycle.”

4. How many tourists a year would visit the Embassy?

Our preliminary studies indicate that even without the arrival of an extraterrestrial diplomatic mission, the Embassy for Extraterrestrials, affiliated scientific institute, and facilities for visitors and tourists will generate at least three million visitors a year. Assuming each visitor will spend an average of US$800, this could mean around US$2.4 billion each year in your country. Thus, the revenue generated from tourism alone after the extraterrestrial contact is immense.

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5.    Do we have the money to build the Embassy and where will it come from?

All the costs associated with the construction of the Embassy, including the scoping and feasibility studies, will be the IRM’s responsibility. The IRM was founded in 1974 as a non-profit organization under Swiss law with headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland). It is organized corporately and governed by article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. The purpose of the organization is to ensure that good relations with extra-terrestrials are maintained, and to prepare the inhabitants of our planet for their official arrival.




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Daniel Turcotte, Director General of the Embassy for Extraterrestrials ProjectIt is essential to note that even though the Embassy will be built by the International Raelian movement, a philosophical organization, the fact remains that this project is presented and designed exclusively as a touristic, economic and diplomatic project. Also, note that all the costs associated with the construction of the Embassy, including the scoping and feasibility studies, will be the IRM’s /

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