ET Disclosure – One Group Holds The Key To Extraterrestrial Disclosure

ET Disclosure

ET disclosure has been a hot topic in 2020. It’s the year that just keeps on giving. Actually, the ET disclosure issue has been a hot topic since the Roswell cover up in 1947.

Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett refers to the alien suppression as a truth embargo. Most wouldn’t argue with that assumption.

So how close are we to the big alien reveal?

From my discussions with many experts in the ufology field, a wide assortment of answers has only made predicting disclosure even more difficult.

But there is a common theme emerging with one group continually being touted as the key to the ultimate ET reveal.

ET Disclosure Could Revolve Around The Consciousness Community

Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Contact experiencers could well be the group that holds the key to an ET disclosure.

My interest was piqued during an interview with one of the world’s leading UFO researchers Grant Cameron earlier this year. He said:

You have a situation where yes, the phenomena is real, but in terms of where it’s going, that’s where I get into the consciousness thing”.

“In 2012, I shifted gears. I realized I was on the wrong train and realized that consciousness is a key part of this thing. So if you hear about people in the government talking about nuts and bolts or free energy, they haven’t got a clue”.

Kevin Briggs has been a lifelong experiencer and says the whole basis of his contact with ETs has revolved around consciousness.

But what is consciousness?

To the ordinary layperson like myself, wrapping one’s mind around the consciousness topic can be mind numbing.

And how does it translate to ET disclosure?

Briggs explains:

“I think we all understand that we are conscious in respect that we live, we breathe, we have relationships with family and friends”.

“We have pets and animals and they’re conscious. We know that because they live, they breathe, they move, they do all the things that we do”.

“What we’re talking about now is higher levels of consciousness, which is only a vibrational frequency. And that’s the difference between the higher dimensions, which is what they’ve explained to me”.

“They even give me an equation for calculating the vibrational frequency of a dimension. I mean, that’s just fascinating. I couldn’t find anybody that understood that equation”.

Meeting ET On A Higher Level Playing Field

Briggs says the ET disclosure is happening now. It’s been happening for a long time within the consciousness community.

“What they did teach me is that they use consciousness as a conduit for communication, a conduit for creation itself, all the modalities of conduct use consciousness as a conduit. That’s the connecting key there”.

So the bottom line is, we are all conscious beings and the ETs are meeting us on our conscious level, rather than physical level.

It was a fascinating discussion and the following is an excerpt from the interview.

Briggs talks about the current ET reveal, what people need to do to tap into their higher level of consciousness and how he turned a UFO skeptic into a believer with a simple demonstration.

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