Enochian: The Mysterious Lost Language of ANGELS

*Sorry for the blurriness, everything has been fixed and the next video will be back to normal! It was believed during the 16th century that people could speak to angels. This is how two occultists discovered the Angelic Language.

Discover The Mystery of The Enochian Language (Forgotten Language Of Angels) Articles Enochian was first brought up by John Dee and Edward Kelley in 1581 when they came out with the incredibly bold claim that they could communicate with angels and that they learned a lot from them including how to conjure up mystical powers through them


The language was extremely unique and diverse; it had its very own syntax, alphabet, and grammar. When asked how he came upon this discovery he stated that he learned it from the Biblical Patriarch Enoch after which the language is named too.


John Dee wasn’t a random nobody either; he was a very influential astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, and occultist that lived from 1527 to 1609 becoming later on a confidant and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I herself.


He would often communicate with the angels using a crystal ball, he would hold seminars with other believers and he would even record his discussions with the angels on scrying stones.


He was told that the magic he came upon could bring forth the Apocalypse, but he was confident in the fact that he would do no such thing.


Before he officially named it Enochian, Dee used different names for the language including Angelical, Celestial Speech, the First Language of God, or even Adamical which was named after Adam himself since he used Enochian to name all the creatures in the Garden of Eden according to him.




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