Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), where Contact is happening Now

The aim of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) is to help with public awareness of the E.T. reality and to assist people with connecting to positive otherworldly beings.

​ECETI shares wisdom and teachings in all areas and is a place where addressing issues such as poverty, the environment, new technologies, food, health, happiness and well-being, along with Self Mastery is being done.

Please remember we all have different opinions, Think Before You Speak or Write Something that is cruel to Others. After all, We are only Humans. Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes. To share your experiences or just leave a comment there is a area below. Read or listen.

We are the change the world has been waiting for!

Have you witnessed an unidentified flying object?

You are not alone. Whether you think UFOs are black projects, extraterrestrial craft, something else altogether, or just don’t know, again: you are not alone!

Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.


Love and Regards,

Thank You,

Nancy Thames

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1 thought on “Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence”

  1. Hello! I’ve never been to the ECETI ranch but from what I hear it might make a good location for the Elohim embassy.Than again it might not anyway the Elohim chose a good place to make contact with Earth since part of my ancestors came from France the country.It is fitting to have first contact there not in a place of a superpower like America or Russia.I’d like to be buried there where the Elohim met Rael it is a fitting end to my existance on Earth considering my lifespan equals the existance of the Raelian movement.I just hope they have the Raelian symbol on my gravestone just in case the Elohim chose to give me immortal life through their cloning system but even if they don’t.I’am sure disappearing into nothingness is painless or existing in infinity is beyond physical pain anyway maybe like in star trek they’ll have a statue dedicated to our prophet Rael.That would be quite a sight to see at least before I die that is but while I still live the hope will always be there even if the embassy isn’t.The more ET’s introduce themselves the more embassy’s will have to be built building the embassy for the Elohim is a step in the right direction.The first of many to begin with take care all and may Elohimization transform the Earth and life in a good way.


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