My UFO experience in Canada

Ufo Alien encounter in Canada
Ufo experience in Canada near Prince Edward Island

I had a close encounter while camping Canada. I’ve included a drawing of my UFO encounter with a Canadian friend I met while on our way to Prince Edward Island. I was compelled to get up and go outside the tent on our first and last night of stay there and walked over to the lake which was seeing distance from our camp site. All of my family was asleep within two tents. As I approached the water, I saw a teenage boy rambling around the edge of the water and playing with some gadget. I approached him and said hello, what are you doing here and he replied with a French accent, what are you doing here and I explained my family and I are camped here on our way to Prince Edward Island. We exchanged where we both were from, me the United States and him Canada, and again I asked why he was here around the water. He said oh I like to skip rocks and look at the moon. So after skipping our rocks for awhile we looked up and saw a spacecraft, neither of us were scared but I must have blacked out or simply fell asleep but then I woke up hearing my Mom and Dad cooking breakfast and noticed from afar that the boy was on his way back home. We never saw each other again. I will always remember him and the sighting we shared.

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