Do all UFOS come from the Moon?

 On the Moon, a “skywatcher” captured a strange configuration of UFOs on camera. Is it possible that they’re coming from our satellite? We’ve learned that the Earth appears flat to us because of our small size, but everything points to it being round, or at least that’s what we’ve been taught.
It is from there that we can begin to realize that the cosmos is so large and wide that we cannot be certain that we are alone in it. When strange objects arise in the sky, everything falls into place. The UFO phenomena continue to communicate, thus a rational thought structure is being built to explicate and find spaces to try to understand what we are seeing in the sky. The photos in the movie (below) show three flying objects in what appears to be a triangular formation, gliding at a fast speed until two more appear later on, following the same route. “If you can fix the exact moment well enough, you can get a trajectory that points to the earth.” It’s improbable that the objects are satellites, given their speed and the fact that they shift around and lose formation before disappearing into the darkness of space. Due to the gravitational forces that we may force, our race would be unable to make quick moves, hence an organism suitable for this condition would be required. As is well known, the human body is incapable of flying faster than a specific speed limit, which in space can be as high as 32 thousand kilometers. This is a very modest limit for the evolutions of these flying things, which arise and vanish almost instantly. After the three objects or UFOs have been discovered and filmed, a fourth object arrives on the screen about 10 seconds later, and 35 seconds later, a fifth UFO enters the scene in the same direction as the preceding formation. We’d ask ourselves a question after listening to this excellent recording. Are these moon ships from another civilization? Is it possible that they’re from the Earth’s space fleet?

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