Did I Go Back In Time With Help From Interdimensional Beings? By Nancy Thames


During A Dream

The first occurrence in my Contact Experience was that I was driving a vehicle at night heading back to my home from some unknown city that was around 4 or 5 hours away. I was confident and very alert and this would be a very pleasant drive. However, after a hour of driving things started getting very peculiar, the landscape outside the vehicle became very blurry along with the surroundings and eventually all the windows were Greyed out multi color scramble and kind of looked statically. The car was still moving. I did not know what to do! There was no way to pull over or stop. Basically the car was driving itself. This Phenomenon went on for awhile and eventually ended. Needless to say I was mentally worn out so I stopped and spent the night at a Hotel. I was very thirsty so I grabbed some drinks from a shop next door. Woke up in real life went to Bathroom and was soaking wet from sweat and extremely thirsty. Collected my thoughts then went back to bed.


The second occurrence in my sleep happened later that same night with the vision Of the Same Experience happening but it got even weirder,  I was with my Son Chris who is in fact a IT Programmer and one of his friends, who is also IT Programmer and Chris is working on this new Theory he has. He had Charts, Grafts, Computers Screens pulled up and bubbling with information. His theory had 3 Letter abbreviation,  (CTC) closed time-like curves. Meaning you can observe but not interact. I am guessing at the 3 letter abbreviation because last night I did not write it down it seemed easy to remember this at the time. This is a common mistake. Write things down as they occur. Keep a journal or a recorder by your bed.

During our briefing with Chris this Phenomena started happening again. Things began to get blurry and stretchy looking, my body temperature heats up. This is what we all are seeing and concur with each other to confirm. We are in a Tunnel traveling again. Once again everything is greyed out with multi color scramble and a Statically Image surrounds us and finally

It gets to a point where we can see and what we saw and heard was Chris pacing around in a parking lot on his phone talking , which happened the day before! Chris exclaimed that is me yesterday! This was amazing! Then after awhile it started up again, were traveling, but this time My body was feeling all stretchy and blurry like I was being tugged away from them and Chris jumped and grabbed me and said Mom are you OK?  I was very hot as in body heat and sweaty and thirsty as heck. He set me down and concurred my body temperature was extremely hot!

I think I was wanting to stay longer and I was not allowed to do so, in whatever was happening or that we were experiencing. We are taught things in Baby Steps so we don’t jump ahead of ourselves and make useless mistakes. Do I think that a message was from Interdimensional Beings? Yes I most certainly do. Dream States are the best way for them to Communicate with us. Do not Confuse Interdimensional Beings ( The Elders, Guides, Andromedans, Arcturian, Pleiadians, Mantis, Avians, and Felines ) with the Extra-Dimensional beings , examples: Grey’s, Reptilians, The Anunnaki and the Tall Whites (and there are others most likely). These Interdimensional Beings are here and ready to help us, if we allow them to. They are trying to teach us many things.

Even if we can not change the past this would be a great way to learn truths and not make the same mistakes in our future.  It also resonates the fact that Higher Beings can not change the future or interfere with humanity, unless it could cross over into the Galaxy and the Universe. Such as weapons in Space,  or Nukes here.

Please remember we all have different opinions, Think Before You Speak or Write Something that is cruel to Others. After all, We are only Humans. Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes. To share your experiences or just leave a comment there is a area below. Read or listen.

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Nancy Thames

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