Dolores Cannon – Evolutionary Changes For The Human Species… Are You Prepared?

Premiered Apr 18, 2021

Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014) reveals the new messages coming through her thousands of hypnotherapy clients regarding the changes that are in motion for humanity, specifically, our evolution as a species. What she is being told is that we have two distinctly different outcomes ahead, depending on how we choose to develop our own vibrations. In this interview, she talks about how ET’s are keeping a watchful eye on our human evolution and the two distinctly different outcomes that lie ahead for us. Some Digital Artifacts present throughout the interview – please accept our apologies.

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1 thought on “Dolores Cannon – Evolutionary Changes For The Human Species… Are You Prepared?”

  1. Hi Nancy, I am a contactee for 39 years now. As well as an abductee for 58 years. My guides are the beings that are completely human in appearance. The individuals we are made in the image of I have received some very interesting information from these enlightened beings as well as simmular information the two paths to ascension. With the exception that we are now down to one option. Unfortunately humanity as a whole has not take the appropriate steps to stop the destruction of this planet. People don’t realize that for millions of years earth has been their biological developmental warehouse of genetics that these beings use throughout the multiverse.

    This also is inline with what is known in the Hindu religion as Kali Yuga , the cycles of the earth. Apparently we are to exsperienxe a lot worse than our current COVID pandemic, which is kind of scary.

    Gary W White
    “A leaf does not have to believe in photosynthesis to be green”


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