Did Ancient Mayans Send A Message Through QR Code Face on Statue?

The majority of the ancient Mayan ruins have been excavated, and their treasure has been placed in museums all over the world, not just in Mexico.

Nonetheless, it may come as a shock to learn that a statue with a QR code face was recently discovered. What gives that this is possible? Is this yet more proof that extraterrestrials inhabited our planet long before we did?

The statue’s face is nothing more than a flat tablet that looks eerily similar to the QR code we use today.

Perhaps those who engraved that code on the statue’s face intended for it to be used as a scanning code in the future.

Conspirators have come to the conclusion that the strange scanning code on the statue is some kind of warning for a future disaster. However, many people attempted to scan it but were unsuccessful.

Keep in mind that QR codes were invented in 1994, so if this is true, it proves that aliens have the ability to travel through time.

What is true is that the statue is truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind. It contains a unique message that we will hopefully receive soon.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

2 thoughts on “Did Ancient Mayans Send A Message Through QR Code Face on Statue?”

  1. Our technology, computers, cell phones, all came from another planet, this is probably where we got that technology, from that race. just my thoughts?

    • Thanks for sharing and I totally agree Humanity has no idea how much Extraterrestrials have helped us, so as much as we can we need to point these facts out!
      Nancy Thames


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