Daytime UFO activity filmed over Roxburgh Park, Australia 9-Nov-2020

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Filmed over Roxburgh Park, Australia on 9th November 2020.

Witness report: Star like objects in Pleadians stars cluster style. 7 star like objects with one 8th one flashing constantly in intervals where flying north to south. After 9th object join but from certain distance. Look like Pleadians star cluster. Some of non flashing objects slightly change direction, not to much but like stars would in milestones ( to compare). Than when first appearance past , 10th flashing object appears . Interesting thing was that that night i wake up to go to bathroom, and I always in this occasion, open sliding door and look at the sky. Well that night my vision was: all night sky was covered in Flower of life patterns, that never occurred to me before, I never drink alcohol or using any substance that it may trigger hallucinations. Second night same pattern but very faint. No photo of that as I turn off phone at night. Very interesting experience. Kind regards. Gordana

P.S. i film till they all gone to my vision




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