Crop circles or just a landing spot?

Crop Circles
Crop circles




The ground as it looked the next morning.


Crop circles, as the name implies, almost always involve circles — rarely triangles, rectangles, or squares, though some designs contain straight or curved lines. With my  Extraterrestrial Contact experiences with my kids, one was outside my bedroom was a perfectly round circle area of dead grass and both children had the same dream of us three meeting there and there was a Extraterrestrial spaceship setting there and the three of us being escorted inside by Extraterrestrial Beings. I don’t recall much of this event however at breakfast the following morning they both spoke about it and I recalled it as well so we all went outside and saw the round dead grassy spot and discussed it. At that point I knew it was happening but I suppressed it due to other people’s reactions  at that time. We just agreed to keep the experience between ourselves. I had not overcome my fears. To be honest this was about in my thirties. I know I gained a lot of knowledge but still wasn’t ready to share like I am now,  but I do know they have watched over my children through thick and thin. I guess they made an agreement to experience this human form in life as well. I also believe we have been together in previous life’s as well. We are so connected it’s amazing.  This was not a crop circle but was a message left to us as a confirmation of the Extraterrestrial Encounter we had. I truly believe Crop Circles are messages to Humanity, unfortunately not all are real. Humans are our own worst enemy at times.


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