Come Home To Your Inner Child

One of the prevalent traits of the transformational energies you are currently in is the opportunity to come to a place of peace with past trauma. Much of our Trauma and Karmic Patterns In this Incarnation are sometimes due to The Lack of Self Love and Healing our Inner Child.
HEAL The Inner Child and The Adult will Appear.
Reclaiming the inner child is part of the Healing Process.. Often the inner child holds information and feelings for the adult.
Some of these feelings are painful; others are actually fun.
The child holds the playfulness and innocence the adult has had to bury.
Healing The Inner Child.
Having been incarnated on this planet at this particular juncture in time means that we all have an inner child within.
A child whose needs maybe went unmet, who was violated in some form or another, who experienced neglect, invalidation, or who simply did not receive the nurture, love, and care that they were worthy of.
Our guardians upon growing up could only give what they had inside of themselves and evolution means that each generation tries to do better than the previous one. It may seem unsettling to understand this, but our souls CHOSE our specific incarnations – we chose our family, time, and place. This is because our souls wanted to experience certain things and take on quite a specific journey.
If we look deeply within, we can see that deep down – some of our most basic needs were not met. Maybe we had all the material wealth but lacked affection and nurturing. Or in other cases, maybe we experienced abuse at the very hands of those that were meant to look after us. As soon as we are born, we are completely dependent upon adult caregivers – our very survival depends upon them. And so we learn to conform to the expectations of these adults and society itself for our every survival – often at the expense of our true authentic self and emotions.
Most people tend to carry on, learning to be harsher and harsher with themselves and their emotions; they carry on the legacy of self-berating which has already been indoctrinated into them in their formative years. We learn to ignore what we feel and what our very intuition and bodies themselves are telling us. This leads to a whole host of problems such as anxiety, depression, or ptsd.
To be kinder to others is to be kinder with ourselves first. As within, so without. We make the mistake of trying to “be good” and “fit in” when inside we are screaming for something else. We try to push that little voice down, ignore the wrench in our gut, push aside the intuition that says “no, not this.” All of this is to our very own detriment, which leads to us being exhausted from this continuing inner battle. When we feel loved within, sustained, and safe from within, we are grounded and are better able to navigate our earthly journey. This love needs to come from ourselves.
Instead of continuously looking outwards to make that nagging annoyance go away, we actually need to do the opposite – turn inwards. The next drink, smoke, shopping spree, or even codependency with another will not appease what is calling for our attention; because what is calling to us is our inner child. Start the process of getting to know your inner child – feel deep within and meet yourself, it is time for you to now parent yourself to heal any fractured sense of self.
Intuitively, the inner child is always there and available for us to communicate with. When we are triggered, sometimes what we say can even sound like the tantrum of a child! This is because the part of you that is triggered is that every child that is feeling trauma repeated again and again. Go within, and speak to the little you that resides within – they may even range in terms of age. If it helps, find an old picture of yourself as a child, and begin LOVING this child. What does he or she want? Are they feeling scared? Do they need soothing? Tell this child that you are here now and you will not abandon them again.
Tell them all that you wished you were told -and you will know what this is individually for you – nurture and soothe this crying child, parent them and heal from within. This young you that resides within you is worthy of all the love and beauty that this world has to offer – you already know this to your core. How can you look at yourself as a child and not know otherwise?This different way of speaking to yourself is self-love and compassion; it truly is one of the foundations of healing inner wounds which otherwise play out in a repeated pattern unconsciously.
Learn to love yourself – every aspect of you – love yourself in such a way that you are filled with love and it overflows into every part of your life. Your inner child will keep calling for your attention and the less we listen, the louder the calls will get until it turns into a child screaming and pleading for your attention. It is no coincidence that you are reading this – your inner child has already called for your attention and is waiting.
Blessed be on your journey.
I Am.
You Are.
We Are.
Mike Harrigan
Artist: @dewildesalhab

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