July 10th- From Disclosure to Diplomacy – Danny Sheehan, Steve Basset Whitley Strieber

From Disclosure to Diplomacy: Bringing Our Human Family Together to Create Planetary & Inter-Planetary Relationships Join Alan Steinfeld, Mark Sims, Scott Catamas and Debra Gustithe as we go from Disclosure to Diplomacy. Guests: Steven Bassett, Danny Sheehan, Whitley Streiber, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright and Marina Seren. From Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe a mecca of conscious, heart-centered, transformational community to gather online from across the globe for nourishing and soul-inspiring talks, music, and connection. Featuring world-class luminaries, brilliant musicians, and light-hearted comedians, we bring both warmth and wisdom during so much uncertainty.   For seven decades, ever since “The Roswell Incident”, “We” have been pleading with our government to make public the true details about UFO activity and what someone inside our government knows about the existence of an Extra-Terrestrial civilization. “We” know that we have been being lied to by our government for this entire time, and our requests for simple honesty and transparency have gone almost entirely ignored.  However, during this same period of 75 years, more and more of we “average citizens” have been having our own ever-increasing degree of direct contact with… and direct communications with… Extraterrestrial Beings. “WE” are The Witnesses, The Contactees, The Experiencers… and the other members of our human family who wish to create a New Paradigm, a New Human Worldview, that integrates the knowledge of this Extra-Terrestrial Reality into our world. For we believe that the vast majority of the members of our Galactic Family are largely benevolent sisters and brothers of our human family who want to welcome us into the next stage of our human evolution.  We are the human citizens of Earth who know that a major dimension of our life’s purpose is to play an active and constructive role in creating this New Earth.   WE are the ones who we have been waiting for.  THIS is the time we have been preparing for.   We are no longer going to wait for our United States Government – or any other global authority-structure that has been created by a secretive and largely-self-serving elite to exclusively-manage such an essential and trans-historical issue as establishing diplomatic relations with our larger Galactic Family, that will influence all of our human affairs for millennia to come.  We are no longer willing to simply “wait for” Disclosure – for we know that it is already happening…instigated by these Beings themselves…and by “US.” We are now issuing the clarion call for all of “Us” to come together to create a concrete, constructive and responsible plan for establishing our human family’s diplomatic relationships with Beings from these “Other Worlds”, from these “Other Realms”, in the name of unity and peace! Saturday Night Alive, on Saturday, July 10th, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Pacific Time, will be convening the beginning of The Citizen Leaders of the Planetary… and Inter-Planetary… Citizen’s Diplomacy Corps.  It is time for us to bring all of the only-seemingly different “factions” within our human planetary community together…to bring our human family together with our fellow Inter-Planetary Citizens. Join us, for Saturday Night Alive!




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