CIA Document Revealed: Soviet Soldiers Were Turned Into Stone By Alien Beings

April 11, 2021



Ufologists discovered “one of the strangest and most disturbing UFO reports” on the CIA’s official website, according to them. According to the paper, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, several classified KGB documents ended up in the possession of a wide range of people, including the CIA. In 1993, an unnamed Ternopil newspaper (Ukraine) reported on an alien attack on a soldier at a Siberian military base, citing KGB documents.


In the latter, it was reported that the KGB had a 250-page folder about the incident, which included photos of the dead as well as photos of the UFO itself. There was no mention of the incident’s date anywhere. It all began when a flying saucer appeared in the sky over an unidentified military base in Siberia. And one of the participants came up with the brilliant idea of launching a ground-to-air rocket into it. After colliding with the rocket, the plate was destroyed and dropped nearby, but the pilots were unharmed, and they were enraged. They disembarked from their ship and targeted the soldiers at the base.


Just two people are said to have survived the attack; the others, a total of 23, were allegedly turned to stone by an unknown weapon. The aliens were described by the survivors as being small, with wide heads and large black eyes. There were a total of five of them. They were attacking the soldiers with odd arms that buzzed loudly and looked like a bright ball of light. What happened after the attack is unknown; the aliens most likely flew away in their car. The petrified bodies of soldiers were sent to a secret research center near Moscow, according to the CIA report. “Experts believe that an unknown source of energy altered the composition of the human body in a moment, transforming it into a material with a molecular structure similar to limestone.” A CIA agent adds a special note at the end of the report: “If these KGB records are authentic, this is a very dangerous situation. The aliens have guns and technology that surpass all of our expectations.”

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