Caught in the Act! Cases of Observed UFO Abductions

Although UFO abduction cases number in the thousands (or in the millions according to some researchers!) there is an almost complete lack of cases observed by outside witnesses. UFOs are almost never caught in the act of abducting someone. How is this possible? How can so many abductions go completely unseen? This scarcity of outside witnesses has caused some researchers to speculate that UFO abductions may be mental events with no basis in physical reality. However most UFO investigators are well aware of why there are so few witnesses. The main reasons seem to be that outside observers are put in a trance, made to forget, or are diverted to other locations. In other words, the mysterious absence of outside witnesses is apparently no accident. But nobody’s perfect, not even ETs. Surely there must be some cases where somebody saw an abduction take place. And as a matter of fact, there are cases of observed abductions. But they are shockingly rare, so uncommon as to be almost statistically insignificant. But they do happen. This video presents twenty cases in which ETs have been caught in the act of abducting someone. These accounts show that sometimes, on very rare occasions, outside observers are put in a position to witness events that almost nobody else gets to see. These cases raise many questions. How and why do so many abductions go unobserved? Is the fact that some are observed an accident or is it intentional? What do these cases tell us about the nature of the UFO phenomenon and how advanced the ETs actually are?



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