Cabal leaders go to Antarctica to surrender to Extraterrestrials & Earth Alliance

[See Important Update Below] News has recently emerged of global elites (aka cabal) going to Antarctica for a secret meeting. We know from public tweets that Claus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Cristina Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank attended a secret Antarctica meeting. Two others present were Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz, respectively the President and Chief Technical Officer of Ripple Labs, a computer software company specializing in online payment systems.




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2 thoughts on “Cabal leaders go to Antarctica to surrender to Extraterrestrials & Earth Alliance”

  1. Hello! Thank you for posting this bit of news and I happened to read the full story on another website and I must say with all sincerity that no one is more happy than I that this is happening for their crimes against humanity banishment from Earth seems a more suitable non-violent punishment that they no doubt richly deserve.I hope they take with them the error of there many ways which includes enslaving a population to the concept of money and the concept of working a human being to death by treating him or her like a robot.Saying goodbye to them is worthy of a celebration comparible to New Year’s Eve.I know I’ll be celebrating their departure in my own way and what lies ahead for the cabal is no doubt what they deserved as I mention before.Hello to the new era for humanity and for the ET’s living behind the scenes on Earth!

  2. Hello! Its me again I went to the exopolitical website and read part two of the story involving the cabal being banished from Earth.I can’t remember every line from part two however I hope it is reprinted here so that it can give hope to the readers like me who want a better world after the cabal are gone.In response to my previous comments I would like to add here for the record that I don’t believe in the death penalty but I hope wherever the cabal is sent it will be a living death for their continued existance on that other world.I also believe that if they die before their banished the Elohim should take charge by recreating them after death through cloning so that they can stand trail before the Elohim for crimes against humanity afterwards of course their second chance at life should be short lived along with a appropriate non-violent punishment.Surrendering on the coldest spot on Earth seems appropriate for the crimes they’ve committed in the past as well as our ever present now moment.


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