Be Careful What You Wish For: The Pat Brown Story

Apr 11, 2021


Would you like to meet extraterrestrials and go onboard their craft? Are you sure? UFO encounters can be sometimes be traumatic, and they can sometimes be very friendly. Often they can be both scary and enlightening. Initially, many witnesses may find their experiences quite fearful. However, as they overcome their fear and face their encounters head-on, their experiences begin to transform into something much more spiritual and benevolent. This video presents the story of Pat Brown, who asked to meet ETs and go onboard their ship, and got a little more than she bargained for. Her wish was granted and she began to meet extraterrestrials face-to-face. At first she was terrified, but slowly her encounters began to transform into events both healing and educational. The ETs taught her all about spirituality, and even took her on a tour through outer space. After years of encounters, she came to realize that the ETs were not trying to harm her or scare her, but in fact were helping her along the spiritual path towards enlightenment. Given the choice, she has elected to keep having encounters and learn all she can from these mysterious visitors to our planet.

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