Australia UFO Abductions : Part 1

Part one of the archived data on extraterrestrial abductions that have been documented in Australia.

UFO abductions in Australia: Melbourne, a woman and her 6 year old son

In April 1991, a married Melbourne woman and her son recounted a series of events that happened to them.

Her six-year-old son said that five or six little men came into his bedroom and shined a “flashlight” on him. He felt paralyzed, at which time the little men telepathically told him they wouldn’t hurt him, but they examined him and put something up his nose. He described that they had gray skin, big heads, and big black eyes.

The woman recalled an episode where something tried to physically drag her out of bed at night. She also recalled an episode at age seven, which she mistook for a dream, when three “elves” entered her room and abducted her.

In 1991 she underwent regressive hypnosis, which showed the following.

1. At the age of seven, six beings entered her bedroom and took her into some room. After examining her, they put something up her nose. She was told that she had been chosen for some task that had not yet been revealed to her. She didn’t feel they were going to hurt her. She went home and lay in her bed. When she woke up, she thought it was a dream.

2. At the age of thirty-six, in 1991, the creatures came into her bedroom again and tried to take her, but she refused. Shortly thereafter, as she lay in bed with her husband, the three little creatures returned. They scratched both her and her husband with a silver “knife,” telling her that this was the last time for the near future.

At some point the beings told her that she should spread the knowledge when she was ready. They also told her that the device in her nose was to keep track of her. Later, she developed a desire to leave Melbourne and moved out of town.

UFO abductions in Australia: New South Wales, woman 63 years old at time of abduction

A woman recalled one abduction at the age of 63. She was lying quietly in bed in her home located in the countryside when suddenly some creature appeared. In the blink of an eye, she found herself in a large blue room. Bright light seemed to come through the ceiling. The atmosphere and gravity seemed terrestrial. No unusual smells were noticed.

Four creatures were visible. They were described as being 180 cm tall. They each had a small, oval-shaped head and intelligent eyes. The eyes were almond-shaped, tapering toward the end. They had a small mouth, thin lips, and a small nose. The skin was pale, pearlescent, and soft to the touch. On her hands she noticed four long thin fingers, but she did not know if there was a thumb or not. The little feet had “booties” on them. They were dressed in gray-blue jumpsuits, with no zippers or insignia on them. When they moved, it was very graceful, more like gliding.

She lay on a transparent, glass-like table, feeling neither cold nor warm. She saw that there were a total of three tables in the area. The creature was examining her, using thin pencil-like flashlights with a light bulb at one end. They were applied to different parts of her body.

Two beings communicated with her telepathically. One was male and the other was female. They informed her that they did not wish her harm and said they would see her again. She did not remember leaving the room, but then found herself lying in her bed again.

UFO abductions in Australia: Casino, a town in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, March 16, 1996, 9 p.m., 2 men and 2 women. Longley family.

A family of four was driving and noticed lights in the sky, then arrived home later than they should have. The next day, all four were suffering from cold-like symptoms, with Mrs. L having left ovarian pain, a sore throat, and a bleeding vagina.

After seeing a specialist, they remembered under hypnosis how the aliens had pulled them out of the car. Scott remembered finding himself naked on the table where the medical examination was being conducted. There were creatures 2-2.3 meters tall with wrinkled faces and long necks. They were communicating with him telepathically. The room where the table was located had windows from which he could see the tall buildings. Suddenly he was back in his car.

Wendy’s memories were “vague and blurry” compared to Scott’s. She recalled being on a table with eight or ten figures around her. She does not remember any physical examination or communication between her and the creatures.

The other couple refused to use a regressive hypnosis session and their memories are not known.

UFO abductions in Australia: October 4, 2001, Gundia Quold 23.00, abduction of woman Amy Rylance

A woman living in a house near the Rylands family home saw Amy being carried out of the house on a beam of light through a window to a spaceship.

The woman woke Amy’s husband, who reported the incident to the police. A search for Amy yielded no results. She simply disappeared, even though she had just slept next to her husband, who could not understand where she had suddenly disappeared.

Then the next day, October 5, a phone call came in from a settlement 800 km away, saying that Amy had been found there.

Later, Amy recounted what she remembered. She found herself on a bed in an unfamiliar room. An entity in a gray suit and a mask over her face entered the room. Conversations were taking place between Amy and the entity. According to her, she was also being experimented on. While there, she drank water and slept several times. When she woke up, she found herself back on the ground, but she was lost and could not understand where she was now.

On October 5, 2001, at 1:30 a.m., she went into a gas station and asked for help. After the police arrived, they called the police station in her town and told her that she was alive and her husband could pick her up.




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