Astronomers and Scientists Were Freaked Out Over This Strange Alien Megastructure in Space

A new shocking discovery was made 1,500 light-years away from us. Between the Cygnus and the Lyre, constellations are where you’ll find the star named KIC 8462852, and upon the first inspection, you’d see it as a pretty interesting view, to say the least.

What especially takes your breath away is the amazing luminescence that it appears to be surrounded by, only that that’s not belonging to it in the slightest.

That’s right; a rather peculiar pattern of lights appears to surround the star as we know it. Most people assumed that it was caused by the star itself and that it was all just a natural phenomenon of some sort, but Jason Wright on the other hand disagrees.

According to him, this is clear proof of aliens, as it is clearly advanced enough to completely envelop the star as we know it.

Originally spotted by the Kepler Space Telescope, this discovery was rather interesting until the strange patterned lights popped up out of nowhere.

Phil Plait is also another famous astronomer that has declared that there’s no doubt about it, it’s an artificial megalithic structure of some sort. Who are you more inclined to believe?

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