Space Arks and the Arriving ET Seeders

This is a Short Film/Trailer for the upcoming April 9, 2022 Webinar: “ET Seeders, Space Arks and the Great Reveal”. Covers origins of ancient space arks used in past Earth catastrophes, the planetary evacuation of Mars, how the arks have been hidden throughout our solar system, how a plan for the Seeders to publicly emerge in the 1970s were sabotaged by a Luciferian alliance, how the arks are activating all over the Earth with the arrival of extraterrestrial Seeder races, and much more.


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1 thought on “Space Arks and the Arriving ET Seeders”

  1. Hello! I object to the picture of Noah’s ark above incorporated with a supposed ET spacecraft.It was not a wooden boat with animal and human passengers it was in fact a spaceship provided by the Elohim in order to save life from the global catastrophe called the flood.Cells of animal and plant life were preserved along with human DNA in orbit around the planet and guarded by Noah in order to begin life again on the planet when it was safe to land the cells would be defrosted and cloned in order for them to live again hence the repopulating of the planet began again the rest is history.Now I would like to address the part in regards to ET seeder races and do to the prophet Rael’s recollection the Elohim were our true and one and only seeder ET race to be responsible for our existance As far as other ET seeder races go the technology to take cell samples from other habitable planets and place them on worlds in the zone for life to develop would not be a difficult task given the ET seeder races knowledge of biomedical knowledge,genetic engineering and cloning technology.It is logical to assume such a feat has been duplicated elsewhere in the universe which makes me think of the role of creator beings being portrayed in the 2001 movie.I would reject any claim by any other ET seeder race that they were responsible for creating us or life in general on the Earth.There must be demonstrated proof using the scientific method and concrete scientific evidence before such claims can be taken seriously.I would also like to add on one final note I personally read the full article of this post however I was unsuccessful at writing or rather typing out my comments.There was limited space for me to include all that I’am saying now but now that this article has been reposted.I got another chance to share my opinions thank you for allowing me to share them here without restricitions goodbye!


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