Are These Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) REAL?

It is said that there are 1,400 DUMBS worldwide.

Anywhere from 131 to 188 of them in the US and new ones being built every year.

Let’s hope not anymore!! 

Each of these DUMBs cost anywhere from 17 – 26 BILLION dollars to build which is funded by drug and human trafficking money and probably some of our tax paying dollars. 

Allegedly, each Base can employ 1,800 to 10,000 people.

What kind of work could they be doing? 

I can only imagine!!

Look at the Denver International Airport and the masonic plaque inscribed with, ‘New World Airport Commission’.

If you have been to DIA, you know the trains underground that take you from terminal to baggage claim.. However, I was not aware that the structure under the airport consists of

buildings with 2 of the primary buildings having 70 floors!

And it was meant to be the headquarters – like US Capital Headquarters –  for the New World Order after their whole depopulation plan worked.

WHAT?! Does this not bother anybody?!  

There are even facilities for large concentration camps!


Or, how about the facility near the Tehachapi Mountains, reported to go down 42 levels, heavily participating in electronic and high tech aerospace research? 

Perhaps you remember from the MK Ultra post that Mt. Shasta was used in programming with the Lave Fire currently raging? 

I have since found out, not only is it used for that, it is also used as an ‘advanced space technology base’ performing magnetic advancement experiments, space and beam weaponry, and genetic experiments.

This is known as the deepest known facility reaching 800 miles deep!!

Or get this…

Culpepper, also known as Mount Pony, is an Illuminati-Federal Reserve base.

Measuring approximately 140,000 sq. ft. in size, with a facility to store corpses and monitor all major financial transactions in the United States by way of the ‘Fed Wire’, a modern electronic system.

What on God’s Green Earth could be going on?!

I mean REALLY going on in these deep underground military bases?

Military Intelligence Insider, Gene Cosenei; also known as Gene Decode, reported to be one of the most foremost authorities on this subject said,

“This network of underground bases houses and conceals non-human life forms with incredible powers, as well as warehousing sophisticated superhuman mind control technology, advanced military weaponry, weather manipulation, and much more.” 

I’m not sure about his authoritativeness, however, he definitely knows more than me!!

This is a map that was created in 1978 which shows the many underground tunnels that connect to the DUMBS; most entrances are found in National Forests.

It is said that the DUMBS have been around since the end of WWII, however, it is also understood there are more ancient, deeper tunnels that exist, as well. 

These DUMBS have been funded by taxpayer dollars, siphoned through a “CIA Black Budget”, built, maintained, upgraded and run by the members of the Deep State.

Black Budget Programs, or better known as, ‘deep black programs’, are programs that are extremely sensitive and exempt from the regular reporting protocol to Congress, according to a 1997 US Senate report. 

The Black Budget reaps approximately 25% the gross national product of the US and consumes $1.25 trillion per year with the DUMB projects consuming 90% of this.

More specifically, contained in the underground facilities are extensive servers, storage of all movies and shows ever made, food storage for survival, fresh water reservoirs, lakes, medical facilities, full cities, air conditioning, control systems MK Ultra Slave mills, spacecraft, DNA seed storage facilities, and so much more.

Did you know most of the CHILDREN that have gone MISSING end up in DUMBS for experimentation?!

Yes. It is true!

Let us pray and be thankful that there are White Hats and Military worldwide that are ridding the world of these horrible places and practices.  

Think of the earthquakes 3 to 4 miles down… all over the US and the WORLD!

These are obviously not natural earthquakes, wouldn’t the buildings above ground around it crumble, if so? 

Direct Energy Weapons, Controlled Bombs, Sonic Bombs, and Neutron Bombs are used to seal up the tunnels to never be used again once they are cleared out by the troops.

The  Marines, Navy Seals, US Military, and Special Ops trained for more than a year prior to the underground missions headed by President Trump. 

Remember the reports of all the children being brought out from underground in New York? 

That is the work these troops are doing, and many have lost their lives in this battle.

Fighting for Humanity.

These underground bases and labs give a whole new meaning to hell.

They literally are hell! 

To better understand how these tunnels exist underground, take a look at the picture below to see the different levels and just how deep the bases are underground.


We have to get the general public to ACKNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTAND what the DUMBS are created and used for…

TO FEED THE SICK SATANIC CULT WHO SACRIFICE AND EAT CHILDREN in ritual rooms where they scare the literal life out of the children and then kill them for their blood to get the adrenochrome and stem cells they need to feed their sick addictions.

Did you know, according to Australian National Review, there were thousands of mangled deceased corpses of children found in Reno, Nevada in August of 2020?

Those children were said to have been taken or bred for sexual abuse, human experimentation, and human sacrifice in Satanic rituals.  

Or when they found 2,100 children in October 2019, being contained in cages at the California China Lake Military Facility?

The condition of these children upon being found was more than anything they had seen before.

It was reported children and teens were tortured, sexually abused, mangled, and killed for their blood and/or organs. .

What is going to happen to people when they realize what has been going on in the world in every aspect of this life? 

Will they be able to handle the truth of the possibilities of the human experiments, hybrids and other beings that may be revealed?

Do people realize how close we were to completely losing humanity as we know it? 

So very close.

Now you can help in The Great Awakening! 

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