Are The Recent UFO Disclosures Setting Us Up for A Mass Deception of Epic Proportions?


Below text is a concept from two separate recent articles published by Zerohedge and Alexander Evgenievich SEMYONOV, President Association “Ecology of the Unknown”, Professor, Academy of Geopolitical Problems.

I highly recommend you to read both articles to find out what’s going on and what we might expect soon!
Are The Recent UFO Disclosures Setting Us Up for A Mass Deception of Epic Proportions?
The Last Card comes out of the Shadow


Have you noticed that UFO sightings have been in the news a lot lately? Even in the midst of all the other big events that are happening, evidence of mysterious objects flying through our skies continues to make headlines.
In the old days, the U.S. government would go to great lengths to deny that anything unusual was happening in our skies. But over the past couple of years, government officials have started to change their tune and openly admitting that UFOs exist.
After all this time, why would the federal government finally admit this?
Are they trying to mentally prepare us for something?
Yes, it seems they are going to prepare us for a global event, since the time is coming that the ‘Last Card’ (which is the name von Braun gave for the final, fourth stage of establishing of a new world order, gaining power over the entire planet Earth) is coming out of the shadow!
The fourth stage is the recognition of the existence of aliens and the fight against them in order to repel possible aggression and enslavement of humanity.
The introduction into public and state discussion of the fourth stage, which has been gradually preparing for more than 60 years – the “last card” – is not at all a fantasy. It may come out of the shadows by mid-2021.
It is highly likely that it will be announced in one form or another that one should prepare for the invasion of Earth from space by a new, very powerful enemy.
But remember it is all lies!
Is it possible to simulate an “alien” threat? Easy. The technical means of producing fakes in the media and computer networks are already well known. They can put up a reality show by using laser and optical methods (such as Project “Blue Beam”) or creating over the selected territories of effects like mirages of religious, apocalyptic or ufological content or demonstration flights with simulated air attacks of “terrestrial” flying saucers may also come in handy with as a result mass panic can be guaranteed.
Such a false flag “alien” threat will play an important part of the 4th stage of the global restructuring of civilization – the formation of a new world order – with as a result the NWO gains absolute planetary power, to create a computer-consumer, moderately well-fed concentration camp in which the overwhelming majority of people will live with strict adherence to the appropriate rules of behavior, communication and thinking.
And yet another, more terrible prospect may be the prospect of the probable targeting and use of weapons launched into space against single or group unidentified aerial-space objects. The response can target not only a specific combat satellite, but the entire planet.
And one more thing!
Where did the opinion come from that representatives of civilizations from other planets and stellar systems, messengers of more complex dimensions and metrics of space-time are hostile to us? How and by whom has this been demonstrated and proved to be true?

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