The Anasazi Had A Reptilian God!

World conspiracy proponents argue that a handful of rich men, called the Illuminati, actually themselves pawns of more powerful and cunning rulers, who in real life and have control over our civilization. It – reptilians, feeding negative energy earthlings. For this reason, they are doing everything possible to inhabitants of the earth as much as you can suffer, hated, envied, and organized the revolution and the war, and so on

These reptilians came to Earth is not yesterday, myths about them have virtually every nation. For example, in America, you can still find remnants of dwellings of the ancient Anasazi civilization (forgotten ancestors), the disappearance of which some researchers have linked to the advent of Reptilians on this continent. The best-known settlements of the Anasazi ruins are considered to Mesa Verde, discovered in 1888 by Richard Uezerilom trader, and “beautiful village” Pueblo Bonito, located in the district of New Mexico (Chaco Canyon).

Reptilian god

The ancient Anasazi people built the amazing beauty of its houses, towers, observatories, and so on to the cliffs. These tribes engaged in cultivation of terraced agriculture, knew the secrets of irrigation and built excellent roads, famous for pottery and weaving products, developed the science, we even left the letter in the form of icons that scientists still can not decipher.

And then … the ancient people leave their town and if lost, then there would never return home. Some researchers believe that the reason for it may be an epidemic or some natural factors, while others blamed everything on the bloody wars of antiquity. The generally accepted version is considered to be what the Anasazi became the ancestors of the modern Pueblo tribes.

Only Anasazi reptilian obeyed God

However, noteworthy is an interesting legend Navajo. According to her, in ancient times, in Chaco Canyon, where Navajo forbidden to go so far, I fell from the sky a huge ship, which flew a large lizard, who commanded the people who inhabited these lands, to call him a god and worship him. Raptor can take the image of tall blond man with blue eyes.

Submitted to him only the Anasazi, for which an alien (apparently in the “thanks” to them) periodically their “eat” when he was hungry. The Indians called this Alien Reptile players as pangolin lured in Canyon people, offering them to play a game of chance. At stake was put untold wealth from God and the life of the parties wish to try their fate. But since none of the people from the canyon he had not returned, and the power of the tyrant became more and more brutal, the Indians, tired tolerate this tyranny, turned to the bright gods to deliver them from the Reptilian lords.

Reptilian god

According to legend, the lizard with his subjects Anasazi people was put on a huge boom (obviously – in the boom-rocket) and sent to the moon. Navajo say that the evil lizard is still on the moon, and sooner or later return to Earth. In addition, they do not go to the damn Chaco Canyon as Reptilian God created it “trap”, which entices people – and they immediately fall to him to the moon (a kind of portal), where he eats his victims. Sometimes in the canyon even see the tall blond man with blue eyes …

World conspiracy proponents argue that Reptilians still dominate the world, and they have hitherto based on the moon, although it is supposedly the oldest terrestrial race. There is considerable evidence of contactees that these aliens (at least we perceive them so) were taken at the village and there were forced to do slave labor. They themselves are in the world in an open (ie, as lizards) is no longer there, preferring to do all the excesses in the guise of human hands or his entourage filed – the Illuminati. However, judging by the numerous legends and myths about the struggle of people with lizards and dragons, including the legend of the Navajo were, it turns out, there are times when the Reptilians did not hesitate to appear before the earthlings in their true guise. With huge opportunities, for example, to change the appearance, levitate, instantly move in space, and so on, they became the then inhabitants of the earth for evil Gods, because of the people they needed and required so far only one thing – hatred and suffering …

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